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  1. ovalfan

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Like Long Eaton which was specified sport only (and some others). It now has housing on it. Any covenant means absolutely nothing.
  2. The centres at Coventry and Kings Lynn were concreted to allow other events such as Karting. Had nothing to do with other users of the venues, just ways of looking to increase revenue.
  3. The Northampton track has had a layer of shale applied this week as an 'experiment' for stock cars. It is planned to be shale for a couple of months, looking at possibly being more permanent in future. Any team looking for a track for 2019??
  4. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    This plays into the developers hands to say its unviable. Should be in a higher league with the fans supporting in good numbers to prove them wrong. National league at Leics will be a disaster. Well done Horton you clown. Putting the last nails into the bees coffin.
  5. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    Travellers spotted on site. Metal entrance doors force opened. I expect by the morning all the glass windows in stadium will be smashed and anything else that can be trashed, will be. All despite assurances of security on site. Did Brandon Estates invite them? Convenient timing- funny how its lasted til now for them to appear now theres been talk of a lower tier return.
  6. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    Investin brandon has a director Anthony Copeland who is also a director of first house associates. Sandhu is also a director of first house associates. Does Copeland have connection to brandon estates?
  7. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    So 12 years to raise £56k. New venue even basic would cost a over a million. So at that rate which would also need the club to keep running to collect it, it would take over 20 years to fund. Unless supporters buy 10 times the number of 50/50. And then you'd still need planning. Sounds like a non starter to me??
  8. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    Playing the blame game. He was blaming it all on Horton previously for not signing the lease???
  9. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    More likely they could fill a car for those who dont have a coach......
  10. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    But they may also saw your tree down, take your fencing away, remove your cooker,dig big holes in your garden, pull your doors and gates off their hinges, remove your garden seating and rip all your electrics out. Its ok though if they put it back for next year.
  11. ovalfan

    Coventry 2017

    Those comments by j heaver are full of lies and inaccuracy. These people are not to be trusted. And it shows to me that there is no intention to put right the venue or run at brandon.
  12. ovalfan

    Coventry 2016

    No planning app put in to build houses. Obvious whats going to happen here. Kick everyone out at year end and let the place fall into disrepair until they get what they want. Oxford, Long Eaton, ring any bells???? Must not be allowed to happen.
  13. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
  14. Whereas the current belle vue fiasco, sky cancelled meetings weather forecast fiasco, etc etc does nothing to harm the product at all?????!!!!!!!

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