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  1. Sings4Speedway

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Old man Chattin guests for his replacement who is too young to compete in the first fixture....you can't make this stuff up
  2. Sings4Speedway

    Eastbourne 2021

    Been released as the penny has just dropped that there is no squad system this year
  3. Sings4Speedway

    Kings Lynn vs Ipswich Witches May 17th 7.30pm

    Certainly be interesting to see how Bridger fares on his return. Think Kinsley will do alright, Riss, Kerr and Cook should have enough between them to see off the travelling side with a missing Heatleader and Lawn Mower man as a guest.
  4. Sings4Speedway

    Kings Lynn vs Ipswich Witches May 17th 7.30pm

    Bit rich billing the Stars as a full strength side....
  5. Im no media mogul but the poster above is suffering from a case of the sub par Scunthorpes. Surely the main rider should be in a Team bib. I know nothing about DP Media other than using an image of a generic rider in a black race suit against a black background isn't going to work.
  6. Sings4Speedway

    Kent vs Leicester Tuesday 18th 6.30pm

    I fear the big hitters for the Lions might have a little too much fire power for the Kings but hopefully should be kept close. The Kent engine room and reserves will have a big say on how close. Still uncertain about Hurry at this level so will certainly get a few questions answered. Also keeping fingers crossed for the track improvements to be positive and likewise the step up in racing.
  7. Sings4Speedway

    NL fantasy team... for fun

    Rothery seems to be featuring in all the recent teams, i wonder why.....
  8. Solid throughout for the Gems with good showings from the reserves pinching the away points. Too many passengers for the Devils and will only get worse once Rothery moves into the main 1-5. Sheldon Davies really ought to be doing better than this with the experience he has.
  9. These early season match ups often offer up a bit of intrigue. Will Clegg be as dominant as predicted? Will Rothery continue his hot streak? Which Dugard will make a return? Can Danny Phillips finally get started? Many questions to be answered tonight but in the respect of league points this is a vital fixture for both sides.
  10. Sings4Speedway


    Acting (being) dim but how would someone within the UK view this? Sign up and then use a non UK based IP to view the streams? I fear that some will jump on this and sign up before realising they cannot view in the UK
  11. Sings4Speedway

    Go Pro from King’s Lynn

    If it was he ought to have been much further in front.....Anders Rowe also uses #111 so i suspect it was him.
  12. Sings4Speedway

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Surprisingly nothing lined up for Alex yet, i suspect he will pick up a spot before the season is out though as there are one or two riders who already look shakey with commitment.
  13. Sings4Speedway

    Go Pro from King’s Lynn

    had a quick blast through and can see Dan Gilkes in the first one and i think its Jason Edwards with the camera on. I can see Brennan and i think its Kemp also but didn't sight Palin anywhere? Nice to see Scotty pop out on track to offer some advice at the end also
  14. Sings4Speedway

    Kings Lynn vs Ipswich Witches May 17th 7.30pm

    The items you reference however are the market leaders and have continual development and improvement placed into them to ensure their place in the market and the more premium price tags. At what stage can Speedway claim to have followed that? The premium feel has very much been lost, if it was pitched and viewed as a more rough and ready sport with rough and ready prices i feel more would be willing to over look its many flaws.
  15. Sings4Speedway

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    and don't even get me started on Holidays and places like Butlins. The other half was group organiser for a girls trip to Butlins, given the uncertainty and what would be open/available they decided to cancel within the given permitted time. "no problem said Butlins, you will have your refund in 6 weeks" the money was returned 6 weeks to the day. What an absolute joke, the accommodation was available to book again immediately and its quite feasible that they could have sold the spaces again in that time but are able to retain the money and boost their own accounts with other peoples money.

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