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  1. Rocket87

    2021 GP Series Dates

    And then you spend two hours bored to death by follow the leader garbage. If this is it for Cardiff, then good riddance. It's rubbish, and has been from day one.
  2. Rocket87

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Lets hope so. Cardiff is pants. Terrible racing, astronomical prices, stadium half empty. Nothing to do in the city. Belle Vue can showcase speedway in a way Cardiff can only dream of.
  3. Rocket87

    2021 GP Series Dates

    There has to be a commitment to staging a GP in the UK if possible, even if Cardiff can't be bothered
  4. Rocket87

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Good. Belle Vue to stage it please
  5. Rocket87

    Cardiff 2020

    But far better than anything you'll ever see at Cardiff. Wembley at least never needed to be booby-trapped to manufacture overtaking. I think you'll find the vast majority who go to Cardiff go late on and cant be doing with the whole "day out" myth. And the NSS is hardly out in the sticks. It's a short bus ride or train ride into Manchester - a far better and more vibrant city than Cardiff.
  6. Rocket87

    Cardiff 2020

    I'm not suggesting the NSS is a better stadium than Cardiff. However, the NSS is a far better track (its arguably the best track in the world) and is based in a far better city. You can manufacture Cardiff with bunting and glamour as much as you like, but speedway is all about the racing, and Cardiff repeatedly disappoints in that aspect.
  7. Rocket87

    Cardiff 2020

    Cardiff "showcases" the sport as the first out th A full Belle Vue (which produces a great atmosphere if that's so important to you) or a Cardiff that has swathes of empty seats cunningly hidden by having no tv cameras fixed on it? I know which one would look better to the casual viewer
  8. Rocket87

    Cardiff 2020

    Not the SGP. Just Cardif, when there is a venue that would showcase the sport in a more exciting way than Cardiff can ever hope to do
  9. Rocket87

    Cardiff 2020

    The beginning of the end for the white elephant
  10. Rocket87

    Brandon Update

    Agree 100% with this. Brandon is a fantastic venue for speedway, but even in the last few years before it was closed, you got the impression that parts of the stadium were falling down. I still think it's a big ask to get the Bees and Stoxs back in there, but having the track and building it up around it (as was the case at Somerset) would be the best option
  11. Rocket87

    One Day World Final?

    If Belle Vue was added to the list, I can guarantee the numbers trotting off the Cardiff would drop massively.
  12. Rocket87

    One Day World Final?

    Which was down to the track being riddled with ruts. That is NOT racing.
  13. Rocket87


    Shame ITV dont put funding into decent programmes instead of stupidity like this. This was a very serious crime, yet they're trying to make a big joke out of it? What are they trying to prove?
  14. Rocket87

    One Day World Final?

    And yet I know of plenty who hated going there because of the incessant noise. You forget that that Wembley 81 final featured 2 of the greatest races ever seen. Nothing to do with the atmosphere. Cardiff highlights one of the big problems in speedway. People just happy to put up with any old garbage, even when it costs a kings ransom. A GP at Belle Vue would show speedway in a perfect light. Great racing on a proper track. You can dress up Cardiff with all the trimmings you like. It will always be the emperor's new clothes.
  15. Rocket87

    One Day World Final?

    Stop trying to kid yourself. If people want a "day out" then they go to a theme park. Nobody who goes to speedway could care less about the atmosphere. They go for the racing, and Cardiff churns out boring racing season after season. I've been once and I hated the place. Staging it there when Belle Vue provides brilliant racing in a far better location is tantamount to treason.

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