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    Choccy biccie crisis floors speedway chiefs is all the PR man has to go on
  2. Richard Weston

    Somerset 2020

    And the people in charge at both places know that
  3. Richard Weston

    Whats actually going on?

    Nope, the NDL is not independent of the BSPL. It may have its own co-ordinator but it still comes under the auspices of the BSPL which can (and has) dictate the rules
  4. Richard Weston

    Whats actually going on?

    No-one in sane mind would even think about scrapping the NDL.
  5. Richard Weston


    So the BSPL would be guilty of inducing a breach of contract.
  6. Richard Weston


    I’m not talking about rolling over 2020 contracts. This is about contracts for 2021 after BSPL said team averages would be unchanged. Now BSPL want to backtrack, it appears. BSPL is now a company so directors personally liable. water, neck, up to.
  7. Richard Weston


    He would have lost out financially so would have had a claim.
  8. Richard Weston


    Law on contract doesn’t work like that only in Bspl fairy land. Good lawyer will run rings round them.
  9. Richard Weston

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Jason at the AFA? I would take that.
  10. Richard Weston


    A contract is a contract and there is a price to pay for breach of contract. There is also a price to pay for inducing a breach of contract.
  11. Richard Weston


    A lot more than 2 in the CL. Premiership is in a hole and they seem to have a very large digger. No Nicki P, No Rohan Tungate... What's Lidsey doing, Bewley, NIKI and no doubt others too.
  12. Richard Weston


    Eastbourne Speedway has announced how it intends to use digital technology to enhance Speedway night at Arlington. This will help fans feel more involved and part of what is going on. It will be something other clubs need to watch and learn from as the #DigitalEagles concept develops. And while they're going digital, the traditional (older?) supporter will not be ignored. Makes you proud to say Eastbourne Speedway is the club I support. https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/eagles-plan-digital-transformation/
  13. Richard Weston

    Eastbourne 2020

    Great to see Eastbourne Speedway gearing up for the new season by unveiling plans to go digital. #DigitalEagles This has to be the way forward for all clubs. Digital is so flexible and offers so many possibilities. Guess fans from clubs visiting Arlington might want to "buy-in' to the service on a one-off basis. And there's no throwing out the baby with the bathwater...well not the baby – those who are older, more traditional who want a printed programme, PA announcements and interviews via the centre-green presenter. The secret is to cater for all your fans and make speedway night a real night out. Well done Eastbourne for having this vision https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/eagles-plan-digital-transformation/
  14. Richard Weston


    If you gave them the keys to the brewery, everyone would go home stone cold sober. They have had months to work it out - the Polish situation has been known for months and you cannot say that you didn't know the Brexit transition was ending and how that might affect employment rights of Europeans. It could, and should, have all be sorted out months ago. They are dithering.
  15. Richard Weston

    Railway pic

    Was the railway used as part of the effort to supply Allied troops in Normandy after D-Day in 1944? Did the railway transport parts for PLUTO -- Pipe Line Under The Ocean?
  16. Richard Weston

    2021 speedway season !

    If your ten match ticket is for Eastbourne Eagles, there is no need to worry. Club has said on more than one occasion season tickets and ten match ones will roll on to 2021. They've got a team all set to go, works been done to Arlington Stadium, all we need know is for Covid to ease off and vaccinations to ramp up
  17. Richard Weston

    No Government Support?

    Speedway is not in motorsports-- the government list mentions which motorsports will get the money
  18. Richard Weston

    Eastbourne 2020

    Here's the link to the Eastbourne Speedway magazine, Flying High -- https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/flying-high-magazine-your-first-edition/
  19. Richard Weston

    Eastbourne 2020

    Real quality again from Eastbourne Speedway this morning. They have just published an online magazine for supporters which is free to download. Lots to read, some great photographs and a really, really, really good comment column from . . . me!!!! Hugely surprised to be asked to contribute but a real pleasure to have a small part to play in something like this. A free magazine for supporters is a great idea. It just shows what can be done for fans and Eastbourne have done it.
  20. I thought it would help if there was one place where fans could you locate full speedway matches online, out there by the club they support. Eastbourne certainly started it off in the land of the Eagles with a cracker last Saturday night. Love the timing, 7.30 --- almost felt we were altogether at Arlington Stadium. Coming up tomorrow, March 28, also at 7.30pm is another cracking match with a last heat decider: Eagles v Lions from 2019. It is on Eagles TV - part of the official club website. Well done Eagles...another Championship performance, as we have now come to expect. I think Edinburgh are doing something similar on a Friday. Be great if fans of other clubs could add to this thread with details of what's on, where and when.
  21. Richard Weston

    Positive Championship update

    Easter is right at the start of the month.
  22. Poultec are doing a great job with their apprenticeship scheme for young British riders. They learn so much. It is more than speedway that is taught. The Poultec apprenticeship helps makes them better people, better able to handle the pressures and better people all round. They are learning loads of skills. Well done Poultec. For information I started this thread because it was pointed out praise of Poultec was getting lost in a thread about a rider who is now in jail.
  23. Richard Weston

    Jason Garrity

    You are quite right. I have started a new Poultec thread so the Apprenticeship scheme can get proper publicity and is not tainted by JG
  24. Richard Weston

    Jason Garrity

    Thank you. Looks like an excellent programme for the apprentices - including running your business.
  25. Richard Weston

    Jason Garrity

    Wonder if such advice comes from the Poultec apprenticeships? Anyone know.

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