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  1. On 5/13/2021 at 5:56 PM, PHILIPRISING said:

    THANKS Richard, your comments are appreciated and passed in to all concerned

    You will like this as the Publisher. 

    Actually I think less is more-- the 64 pages is tighter, more focussed on what most (uk) fans are looking for.

    You Polish coverage is good and appreciated (+Sweden, Denmark) but I am not sure the preview needs to be (was it?) 128 pages.

    Personal view, I know, but I can imagine how the financials stack up.


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  2. 5 hours ago, lisa-colette said:

    I kinda miss having the teams in the order they are predicted by each clubs fan/media. But that is just me being picky!

    Alphabet order helps the reader who wants to dip in and out before settling down for the big read.

    Anyway, those predictions tended to be poor when the honours were dished out.

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  3. Excellent season preview edition. It will take some time to read it all;  the 64 pages are packed with content and the presentation and design is superb. Top job by everyone at the Star and as Phil Lanning pointed out on social media, for less than a coffee at a High Street national chain. I would add to that: where the claim to be coffee is debatable.

    No debate about this week's Speedway Star...in fact, it is five stars!

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  4. 5 hours ago, iainb said:

    Yes... as has Leicester's. I don't want to go to Eastbourne though as lovely a place as it is. I wonder why the technology hasn't been shared between clubs?

    Not sure on that but I'm told Eastbourne have talked to other clubs about what they are doing.

  5. 5 minutes ago, iainb said:

    So, as I expected there doesn't seem to be any plan regarding getting British Speedway restarted, regarding ticket sales at least. I've been scanning around trying to buy tickets for the matches I'm interested in attending and it seems that instead of the BSPL employing some kind of centralised ticket purchasing system each club have been left to their own devices.

    I bought my first Leicester ticket a week or so ago

    Belle Vue went on sale yesterday at 9 am as promised

    Peterborough postponed Tuesday at 9 am until Wednesday and as yet there is still nothing

    and Kent you have to ring up


    Online for the Eastbourne Eagles and the ticket sales site has been running for weeks. Go to the website for details...easy to book.

  6. 4 hours ago, The Dog said:

    You'll probably find that its a media journalist with a phone that has taken the photo and posted it before the official photographer has had the chance. Unfair on the Kent photographer but it seems to happen regularly nowadays. 

    It is all very strange indeed. The more I look at the photograph, the worse it becomes. Riders faces in shadow, a large chunk of the Leicester track above their heads and, of course, not looking at the camera. 

    Your theory may well be right but there is no photograph on the club website.


  7. 3 hours ago, teaboy279 said:

    Well the team suits looked very smart in the pictures from today's practice at Leicester. Hopefully the boys had a productive afternoon.

    Team may well look smart but the official photo on Speedwaygb is a shocker - dark and the riders not looking at the camera. How on earth did the Kent PR man let that one out?

    It portrays a poor image of the club (pun intended!)

  8. 12 hours ago, Diamondboy said:

    Ha, I think all forms of social media have idiots, just look at the idiot on here who copies and pastes fake crap from other idiots and pastes them in the Covid and other threads ;) All I ask for is a copy of the website/twitter/Facebook release put on here. The club has no need to reply.

    Surely, reading the press releases on the website is as easy as reading them on the forum.

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  9. 15 minutes ago, hagonshocker said:

    Surely no-one becomes a co-promoter for one year? Swindon continuously tweeting 'on loan' is wearing a bit thin...meanwhile the Rose Tints keep banging on about travelling the country to support 'our riders'....jeez wake up & smell the latte 

    Eastbourne only had one Promoter (Trevor Geer) after Mike Bellerby stepped down and the BSPL says you need two. So Lee fits the bill, perfectly having had a licence at Swindon.

    It's good news for Eastbourne and I know no more than I read about Swindon.

    Like any genuine speedway fan, I hope Swindon come back in 2022 even if it meant the Eagles losing Lee who appears to have made a cracking start down here on the Sunshine Coast.

  10. 22 hours ago, old bob at herne bay said:

    Te complete lack of information coming from most clubs on their plans to restart the season in less than 4 weeks time fully supports my opinion that they have their heads in the sand and are hoping that this all goes away by May 16th, and it will "business as usual. "  

    All pretty shabby,  certainly doesn't inspire confidence that the speedway stadia will be low Covid 19 risk environments. Frankly I would be amazed if half the stadia were allowed to open as planned in May.

    Only Eastbourne appear to have grasped the nettle, and set out their plans to their supporters.






    Eastbourne sold lots of tickets already for the opening matches. They have well and truly grasped the nettle. Buying process is really easy. Eastbourne have got it sorted.

  11. 10 hours ago, uk_martin said:


    I can just imagine the process...

    Speedway Star Reporter:  Hello Mr Hancock, can I ask you some questions please?

    Bill Hancock: No.

    Speedway Star Reporter: Oh, OK then...Bye.

    Unlikely the reporter, a professional trained journalist, would give up so easily. 

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  12. 17 minutes ago, uk_martin said:

    Or at the very least some further investigative reporting by the Speedway Star to find the answers that their readership want to hear???

    The facts were well set out by the Star. Seems Hancocks are not talking to media. They don’t have to but by staying silent they give oxygen to all sorts of theories. 

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  13. 9 minutes ago, tellboy said:

    Personally i think some need to be held back to be sold on the night.Many of the crowds at speedway are made up of the older generation and not all of those like to buy things online.This could put those people off going,something speedway doesn't need.

    You can bet in this first phase there will be no on-the-door (night) sales. I'm certain BCKLWN and NCC Public Health will not allow for all sorts of reasons, including the club capturing track and trace info and the possibility of crowding at the turnstiles. Yes, it does mean some people who want to go may miss out, unless they can find someone to buy them tickets online.


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