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  1. Best wishes to the new King's Lynn team manager, Alex. I'm sure he knows the importance of any success for the Stars at Foxhall and will not need any telling how it will boost morale.

    Good luck also to the Lewi Kerr and Richard Lawson - ride well, win and stay safe. We need you at Arlington on Saturday.

    And, of course, good luck to every single member of the Stars team.

    Go lads.



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  2. 7 minutes ago, hawks 1975 said:

    Who is the mystery rider with loads of British League experience, who would need a work permit?

    Assuming the new rider does not ride in Poland, or in the Tuesday night top Swedish league, the only names I can come up with as possibles are:

    A Czech - Matej Kus?

    A Dane: Kenneth Hanson, Rene Bach, Mads Kornelliussen, Patrick Hougaard, or Lasse Bjerre?

    An Aussie: Kozza Smith or Mason Campton?

    It might well be that some of these might even have packed up the game by now! 

    My best guess, assuming I am right in saying he doesn't ride in Sweden,  would be Lasse Bjerre.

    Let's just hope Uncle Len pulls a worthwhile rabbit out of the hat!

    oh, they have some one lined up

  3. 2 hours ago, M.D said:

    15 point max for Eddie tonight, riding himself back into form..

    Edward was quite superb.

    Good starts, strong, feisty first corners and a nice switching of positions in heat 15 with Richard Lawson to ensure Edward got the full maximum.

    Nice team work between the guys which went down well all round.

    Edward Kennett did Scott Nicholls from the back at Kent on Tuesday and now this.

    He's back! 

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  4. 10 hours ago, IronScorpion said:

    You would have thought, having a superior, up-to-date website than others, team news on Eagles v Lions would be on this page



    and Seagulls v Cubs would be on this page



    A bit of a "Mix and Match" if you ask me. :t: :D

    More rubbish from IronScorpion who has not the faintest idea of how publishing works online.

    More fake news from IronScoprio (sic)


  5. 8 hours ago, IronScorpion said:

    I have just visited the Eastbourne website to check out the possible team news for Sunday & ........................................................

    ........... it mentions debuts for Eagles & Seagulls, nothing on the visitors.



    Fake news alert


  6. You have to hand it to the Eagles management with their team selections.

    Nathan Ablitt gets a home debut for the Eagles and Vinnie Joe Foord gets an NDL debut for the Seagulls less than a week after his 15th birthday.

    This really is growing your own - the experience will be invaluable but it also shows that local youngsters CAN ride for their local team.

    Also, having local riders is a big PR bonus - the local media will love it down at Eastbourne. I expect there to be plenty of headlines.

  7. 1 hour ago, Bagpuss said:

    Radio Norfolk reporting this morning that Lewi Kerr has come off social media because of abuse he's been getting  :blink:

    "King's Lynn fans" abusing the King's Lynn captain.

    I would say this:

    a) they don't represent me or the majority of King's Lynn people (or those in Weasenham - yes, I've been there, maybe twice) and

    (b) in my book, they are not real Speedway fans.

    It is shameful that people should do such a thing and they should take a good look at themselves in the mirror and ask: what sort of human being am I?

    Mr Kerr will get an even bigger shout from me on Sunday when his name is announced at Arlington.


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  8. 4 hours ago, steve roberts said:

    I thought it was at Poole (not one of his favourite tracks) when he broke a collar bone but I maybe wrong?

    Obviously not a favourite track for Lynn riders – I'm still getting over seeing the Stars go 20-4 down at Wimborne Road in the Play Off final.

    I'd had a lovely day in Poole up to then - down to the Quay, boat trip round the harbour and then boom – dreams shattered in about ten minutes.

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  9. 11 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Great memories Sid! Quite incredible that Terry only made one World Final but of course the British Final was a difficult hurdle in those days especially when the Aussies and Kiwis were also included!

    And Terry was injured just before the final in a second-half race at Saddlebow Road...my memory says he clipped the fence coming out of the 4th bend.

    Long time ago so may have that wrong.

  10. 35 minutes ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    Im not really sure why it would even need to be retractable? A large glass dome would do the trick or the poly spheres like the eden project. All tracks would be warm and humid keeping moisture in the racing surface, no chilly October nights and no rain offs.....its the future. 

    All-year round sport. Now we're cooking with gas.

  11. 12 hours ago, old bob at herne bay said:

    Cannot comment on the forecasting powers of the Eastbourne weather  “guru”. Millions of pounds worth of computers have been trying to accurately forecast the weather ... still they get it wrong.  

    Maybe you have Mystic Meg down at Eastbourne forecasting your weather.  

    For what’s its worth very surprised that there wasn’t an early call off and a re arranged date after “covid unlock” when surely a larger crowd would be in attendance. Living just 20 miles away from Sittingbourne and it has been bright sunshine one minute  then a heavy downpour the next. 

    Still, you can get your admission money back ....

    The key to the Arlington weather forecast is not Mystic Meg, whoever that is, but having forecasts specific for Arlington and not for large swathes of the South East and London.

  12. Compare and contrast Eastbourne Speedway and Kent Speedway.

    Glasgow visit Arlington: The Eagles share information from their own weather guru which once again was totally accurate. They published the information with total transparency. People could see what the club was working on. Here were the facts. The way a speedway club (any club) should treat the supporters. 

    When you tell people what is going on, and why . . . a great relationship is built.

    Eagles visit Kent: The match is called off at very much the last minute. This is the growing mushrooms method of treating supporters. I know what the track was like and it was in a mess before the rain at 5pm.

    A call off this morning is what was really needed but once they saw the track this afternoon, the plug should have been pulled. A 3pm call off would have saved Eastbourne fans a lot of time and money.

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  13. I wish the person who does the Eastbourne Speedway weather forecasts did them for the BBC.

    The Eagles weather guru was very much spot on with Sunday's forecast. It enabled the meeting to go ahead.

    If you had looked at weather apps etc - and TV - you would have said OFF without a shadow of a doubt. But the Eagles forecaster narrows it down to Arlington itself - a real skill.

    Also a pat on the back for the Eastbourne management for (a) having such a skilled person on tap (no doubt it costs but what an investment when the information is so accurate) and (b) being so transparent with the fans and publishing on the club website.

    Thanks Eastbourne Eagles and means people can travel with confidence. I live close enough not to worry but a lot of fans come from much further afield.


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  14. 1 minute ago, BobC said:

    With lack of action here in Poole, two of us will be coming along for this meeting. Not been here since the Eagles dropped down, to NL or Championship.

    What time do they open the car park? Been before , but arrived early and gates were locked.

    Have you got tickets? No admission "on the door". 

    Not sure re the car park but I would say around 1pm from past experience of Sunday speedway at Eastbourne.

  15. On 7/2/2021 at 9:30 AM, Tigeratheart said:

    Thank you , yes we all have tickets , just don’t want to start a long journey and then it gets cancelled, I know it is part and parcel of being a speedway supporter!!!! 

    Eagles just published forecast and it is looking good. It’s online on their website if you want to read

  16. 8 hours ago, Tigeratheart said:

    Area 1 we are in , really looking forward to it as we had a rain off tonight !!!!!  Need my speedway fix lol .

    Dry here at 5.45am We really have not Had much rain in last 36 hrs.  Check eagles web site for latest around 9.30 today. Safe trip

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