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  1. slyfox

    Redcar V Birmingham

    Good match report. Birmingham pushed us well and on balance probably deserved their point. The meeting next week is the under 21 final not the under 19 final!!
  2. The problem with making that decision, and braking their own rules, it set a precedent (just to please the Glasgow management) that now comes back to haunt them. Even in the recent statement they told a pack of lies which the Redcar management knew was untrue. That it was awarded because the result was beyond doubt and Glasgow would have won. Not true!!!
  3. Referees in sport should use the rules to run meetings not make them. The big issue with the Redcar management is that when the same thing happened at a home meeting v Glasgow with almost exactly the same score, Glasgow were awarded the meeting. When Redcar could have mathematically come back and won. On that Basis Redcar should have had the Birmingham meeting awarded. So why the double standards? The referee that night was, head honcho, Scottish referee Jim McGregor. Are you telling me referees have lots of influence ????
  4. Sorry Steve I bow to your better judgment. I thought they had changed the rules to only number one's. So that's another one where Redcar lose out to these farcical rules. Because Jordan Stewart is No 4 in their averages they cannot use a guest for him. Can someone explain the logic in that rule. 1,2,3, 6 & 7 but not 4 & 5??? Just had a look at the make up of the SCB would love to know who keep's voting against Redcar over the years when these decisions are made. Think it may be a case of who you know and not what you know.
  5. As Erik Riss is not No 1 in the averages, I think the only option they will have is R/R. If that is the only option I beg to differ and say it would be a big influence in the decision, apart from Harris the rest of the team will not cover his rides at the same level. This whole situation from the 1st meeting, to them planning a replacement date meeting that had a high probability of it being called off is a farce. Plus the even bigger farce is the S C B backing them all the way. A well run club like Redcar who have planned all their meetings with a lot of forethought & helped the BSPL by taking 2 Under 21 meetings (that no one else seemed to want) are being treat like rubbish. No wonder one of their promoters who is one of the best guys in this sport is saying he will walk away at the end of the season because of the double standards that are being applied.
  6. Yes just spotted that. What on earth are they doing playing in the middle of the speedway/cricket season. Thought they would be on a beach somewhere. End of June League Football???
  7. Like you say "some" will prefer to watch the Speedway but there will be a % who will stay away to watch the football. Would it not make sense to change start time to say 4pm or 5pm. Like Redcar did against Glasgow on Sun13th June to stop the clash with the England v Croatia match. Then "Sports Fans" get the best of both worlds.
  8. Don't think "Terry the Track" Terry Chrazbaszcz was ever another guy who turns up to gives a hand anywhere. He was the best track curator I have ever know and was always the main man when he was working on a track.
  9. 11th July, 18th July, 5th Sept, 19th Sept, No other club has announced a double header this year so why Newcastle in spite of a few cancelled meetings.. Just seem a strange decision to me.
  10. Strange decision to put it as a double header when Newcastle have plenty of spare Sundays some even before that date in August.
  11. To pay on the gate, to comply with the local authority Covid rules you need to register your names and give some contact details. To do this call 07827293866 to ensure entrance. There may be some pay on the gate places left, if its not a sell out. However this is a longer process when you arrive as you will still need to give your details at the turnstile before you can pay. Local weather says light rain tomorrow. Easing towards the evening. So fingers crossed.
  12. Starting time is 7.30pm not 7pm. Slight chance of some light rain on Friday so lets hope that's all it is. Looks like R/R for Jordan Stewart for the Bears again.
  13. James has had a good start to the year don't judge him on one meeting. He is riding well above his average so for this season.
  14. You probably know better than I do Steve but the way I saw it was Jason Pipe (sacked) Darren Hartley (sacked) Nigel Hinchcliffe (appointed P&P day). Plus I am sure I saw another name down as team manager for one of their early meetings (could be wrong). Surprisingly just looked on their website and it still says Darren Hartley.
  15. 4th team manager this year and it was only their first home meeting!!!

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