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  1. Jake Allen has said in an interview on Redcar Bears TV on Facebook today, now he has come over to ride for them this year is he expecting to double up into the Premiership. His reply basically was "watch this space". as he is talking to 2 clubs. So which Premiership riders are expected to be dropping out????
  2. slyfox

    Redcar 2020

    Good interview with Jake Allen on Bears TV on Facebook today. When asked was he expecting to double up and get a Premier League place he basically said "watch this space" I'm talking to a couple of clubs. As all of the teams that league are complete does that mean someone else is dropping out at this late stage?
  3. You forget that unless their 2 untried (in this league) reserves make vast improvements they will struggle. If they do not win that will be their problem to top heavy. Redcar look to have a very strong (if not the strongest) top 3 plus 2 decent second strings with great potential and a good balance at reserve. They are my tips for the top.
  4. slyfox

    Redcar 2020

    Ellis Perk would waste a point. I hope its Jake Allen. Think he is a better bet and just fits inside what points we have left.
  5. slyfox


    Polish meeting Grudziadz v Gorzow on "Freesports" tonight at 6.15pm. For those who want some free speedway and do not pay for Premier Sport. The other meeting today is on Premier 2 at 3.30pm.
  6. slyfox


    You are correct it was not. However when I negotiated a new deal a few months ago it came as part of the Sports package. Was also going to drop my direct deal with BT sports (which I did). Then Sky offered me BT Sport via themselves for half price so stayed with BT via Sky. Gets me extra Football and I believe they are still doing the Speedway GP's this year. The only one I do not subscribe to is Premier Sport for Polish Speedway as they do not seem to be doing as much as they promised (plus last week they put the Polish Speedway on their Free Sport Channel). Believe they are due to start Swedish Speedway next week so we will have to see what happens there.
  7. slyfox

    Redcar 2020

    No he will not for the same reason we did not bring back Erik Riss. His average is almost the same as Riss and we did not bring him back because his average is to high to fit into the team. Management have said they will not release (sack) any riders to fit in the last rider. Newcastle say that they have released Vissing because of the problems he will have with Covid travel restrictions flying in and out of Europe. Think there may be many clubs in the same position before the start of the season with the Covid rates in Europe at the moment.
  8. slyfox

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    What average is Jason Crump joining Plymouth on?
  9. slyfox

    Redcar 2020

    Wish there was a British youngster that fit the bill. Its our 3rd heat leader that we are looking for at 6.6. Got 2 good British youngsters in the team with Anders Rowe & Jordan Jenkins.
  10. slyfox

    Redcar 2020

    Report in The Teesside Gazette today "Bears have tried to sign Lewis Bridger" but he was not keen on the travel from his Sussex base. They also say that have tried to sign two foreign riders without success and are now waiting to see what comes up between now and May to fill the 6.6 points available for the last rider. That will be more difficult with the Plymouth news. Dont get me wrong that's good news its the shortage of available riders that's the problem.
  11. slyfox

    Ipswich 2020

    Think he may also be a rising star as on the list I have seen he is classed as a 4*
  12. slyfox

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Looks like a good championship level team......
  13. slyfox

    Provisional fixture list

    Thanks found it.
  14. slyfox

    Provisional fixture list

    Cannot fine it on that link???
  15. slyfox

    Redcar 2020

    You are correct my error!!!

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