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  1. Ice Cream Man

    Big decisions in November.

    Do people really want 33 home matches to go to? Most fans pick and choose which meetings they go to these days
  2. Ice Cream Man


    1. Dan Greenwood 8.29 2. Arron Mogridge 4.94 3. Georgie Wood 6.30 4. Richard Andrews 5.70 5. Danny Ayres 7.05 6. Tom Bacon 4.61 7. Jack Smith 3.00 39.89
  3. Ice Cream Man

    Eastbourne 2015

    I would love to see Connor Dugard in the team for next year as it would be great to see both Dugard brothers around Arlington and why not chuck Martin in as captain. Make it a real family affair!!
  4. Ice Cream Man

    Eastbourne 2015

    I think Eastbourne have a reasonable team, a lot will depend on how good Bradley Wilson Dean really is and how the reserves can do. I'm personally looking forward to this season. I think Connor and Martin have done a great job promoting the national league to the public. Lets hope the Eastbourne fans give it a chance.

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