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  1. Red Flag

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Maybe Council been strict on numbers as well, only 4500 allowed at Molineux for Wolves match, well below 25%. Capacity
  2. Red Flag

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I’ve had it there as well and found rolling my foot on a tennis ball helped a bit but as you say the only real cure is time
  3. Red Flag

    Plantar Fasciitis

    You have my full sympathy, I have suffered with it on and off for about 3 yrs, I have tried all you have and the only thing I found that had any effect was stretching the Achilles even then it just seemed to go for no reason, my last bout lasted 8 days
  4. Red Flag

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Wolves updated site says May 17th Thank you NHS Trophy, Peterborough visit on August 2 nd and September 13th
  5. Red Flag

    1985 World Final

    And you do, that was mine as well
  6. Another example of Dirty Leeds
  7. And I bet a few on here will be needled by that
  8. Red Flag

    Football 2020/21

    Spurs and Arsenal now involved in a battle to be 3rd best London team
  9. Red Flag

    Salmond and Sturgeon

    Sure sign that the s#it could hit the pan, he’s gone from been on every media platform every day to doing a vanishing act
  10. Beat you by a day, got mine tomorrow
  11. Red Flag

    Football 2020/21

    Well it is Mike Dean so anything possible
  12. Red Flag

    Football 2020/21

    Have said before Mason is a joke, Nuno should get a refund after been fined for saying he wasn’t good enough to ref in the Premier League. Doesn't take away the fact Brighton missed 2 Penalties so their own fault they didn’t win
  13. Red Flag

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Think the promotion would have to cash in all their Chips to afford that
  14. Red Flag


    The fish and chips at Odsal Top were always bang on
  15. Red Flag

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Harmison on Talk Sport yesterday said given the state of the pitch whoever won the toss would win the game

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