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  1. Argos

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    I was at that meeting it was disgusting what “Filthy Phill” did to David, absolutely shocking
  2. Argos


    If the AGM is taken place on the 7th January, If every Track is represented how will this work with the lock downs,
  3. Argos

    Newcastle 2020

    For goodness sake give the lad a chance, He’s British as excellent machines ana he’s as keen as mustard and he WANTS to ride for the Diamonds, He doesn’t want to read some of the stuff on this Forum
  4. Argos

    Newcastle 2020

    I have followed Adams Career from is time at Mildenhall, So when I heard he had signed for Newcastle I thought I would look on the forum to see what supporters thoughts were, and of course it was all about is Bad luck over many Seasons, But I really believe he will do an excellent job for Newcastle.However looking at the Newcastle thread I didn’t know about the Problems the previous Promotion Financial problems, So out of interest I went on Company House Website were I had a hell of a shock seeing they owe the tax man in excess of £150K must be very worrying times for the previous owners. I hope Adam as a great Season for the Diamonds and as a injury free season as boy does he deserve it.
  5. Argos

    Newcastle 2020

    Are you serious do you really think you would not receive a Prison sentence for Income Tax evasion
  6. Argos

    Newcastle 2020

    There is 2 things that stand out about the current situation at Newcastle, 1.Grant never did his Du Diligence before he purchased the club, big mistake. 2.It really is a massive worry time for the previous Directors of the Club, If I was one,every time there was a knock on my Door my heart would miss a beat, Having heard the amount involved there really is a distinct possibility of a Jail sentence for them.
  7. Let’s get one thing clear this is NOT the British Final, It’s an open meeting made up of 16 riders who are available we all know it’s not the best 16 BRITISH riders, and for the BSPA to call it the British Final is insulting our intelligence and should be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act
  8. Be very interesting to see is reaction if it’s raining on is Fairwell Meeting,
  9. Argos

    Jason Crump

    The reason I asked the question, It was my understanding that if you had a fairwell meeting you were banned from making a return to the Sport
  10. When Jason Crump finished in British Speedway did he have a Fairwell meeting?
  11. Tomorrows Daily Mirror and Daily Express make interesting reading
  12. Argos

    Rye House 2020

    Don’t worry the Speedway rights at Rye House have been sold and rest assured it’s in good hands, The new Promotor as a long history with the club, and he’s got brilliant financial backing, Not like Jolly who hasn’t two pennies to rub together,and by the way next Season will see RH in the a Championship
  13. Argos

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Didn’t Main Man advise him on everything including filling in is program for him, I know he never left his side during a meeting
  14. Argos

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    All money from SCB/BSPA fines goes into the BEN FUND
  15. Argos

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    You are all forgotten that “Main Man” IS a Promoter of Birmingham Speedway

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