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  1. The referee was Jim McGregor. Phil Griffin called off around lunchtime due to awaiting family covid test result.
  2. edmon

    Rye House

    Need to get the numbers of objections up only 45 in at present. 87 in support.
  3. No I will say that Jim McGregor argued against the decision that night, saying it should have been rerun.
  4. Led to believe two with a refereeing background are running things.
  5. edmon

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Does where I drink it along with free refills
  6. They were supposed to be going back to original ethos of the league (BL Div3 - 1994). If that was the case riders were not paid and only got travel money unless they rode for Berwick and Mildenhall. Remember Geoff Powell asking me what we were paying at Linlithgow and that he was happy to be paid the same as everyone else. I told him - nothing - and he said that was ok by him if all were the same. He eventually went to Mildenhall who were paying riders.
  7. edmon

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    But who is on the SCB - Rob Godfrey! Or is it Messrs Steele and Lawrence pulling the strings
  8. He doesn't have an average as removing Newcastle meetings means he has only had 3 meetings. Established averages are given after 4 meetings. I suspect it will not change - just another rule that the SCB will not enforce. Personally think Mr Vatcher is too interested in the Youth setup to get involved in keeping to the rules
  9. Any chance of the Devils team being changed due to the removal of Newcastle scores which affect the riders averages? George Rothery's average reverting to 3.00 rather than 6.50 and him moving back to reserve.
  10. edmon

    Eastbourne 2020

    This is not in the preview of the NDL meeting it can be found under Eagles v Diamonds Update
  11. Glad you got a reply. I've emailed twice and there has been no response.
  12. edmon

    Redcar 2020

    Got an email from them last week. Just a shame that they go on sale just as some of us are working at Armadale. Have to see if I can get away with using internet in the referee's box.
  13. edmon

    Edinburgh 2021

    That's what the Scottish Government say the base line is for standing with 500 being the number for seating. From what the old/new First Minister said can be different, probably up to local council. Also Lothian Arena is part seating and part standing which could make a difference.
  14. Order your copy of the Stellar Devils v Newcastle Gems programme now! The second issue of the Stellar Devils matchday magazine is now on sale via the Monarchs Online Club Shop for £2.50 plus £1 postage. Each purchase includes access to a digital copy of the programme, emailed to your inbox shortly after purchase. A new digital-only copy is also available to order for just £1.75. This week's issue includes an interview with Devil Tom Woolley, introductions to the Gems team plus more. Club Shop | Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway | Official Club Website
  15. Last Friday's live stream saw a terrific uptake with interest coming from around the world, Harkess was been pleased by the feedback, "The Club has been in touch with all who purchased the stream for last Friday and the feedback has predominantly been excellent. We are enthused by this and it has pushed our team on to iron out the final kinks to ensure that we deliver a top quality service to all. "We will also be pushing on to deliver an even better on-screen show which will become more and more polished as the weeks go by. There were some teething issues for some with difficulty accessing the stream for which we sincerely apologise. These have been resolved and we hope that those who had trouble will give us a second chance this week. "Friday's match against Newcastle Gems looks to be a tasty encounter with former Monarch Max Clegg leading the Gems, and we are looking forward to streaming it around the world once again." If you have not yet received an email regarding last Friday's stream then please check your junk mail or contact info@edinburghmonarchs.co.uk. (taken from https://www.armadaledevils.co.uk/) The live stream for this meeting can be ordered on EMTV:Live | Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway | Official Club Website

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