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  1. Paulsmith

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I want to stay in the eu because my new sat nav has all new euro road maps
  2. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    Why be nasty .i lose my teeth and all i get is bad and nasty comments .i hope you dont lose your teeth one day .trust me its nothing to smile about .
  3. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    I am 66 . 67 in march
  4. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    Sorry had one to two many harvey bristol creams last night . Wet my bed as well .
  5. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    Stop playing hard to get lionessi .go out with and your learn a lot more than how to boil a egg
  6. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    Sidney many a true word is said in jest .
  7. Paulsmith

    The Eu What Does It Do For Us.?

    Its just like when lakeside are on sky sports or i make love to my 3rd wife .i want to stay in.
  8. Paulsmith

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Well said sid .i was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth.
  9. Paulsmith

    Jeremy Corbyn To Lead The Labour Party?

    I am not young but have decided to vote for this corbin guy . He is a man of the people .
  10. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    No luck thus far . The good news is that my wife has made us Turkey soup and we will are going have milkshakes for desert before going to bed after the queens speech for some lovin.
  11. Paulsmith

    Any Fellow Bucks Fizz Fans

    I still even at my ripe age have pictues of them on my wall .i cant make my mind up what one of the group i like best and to put into my bank at bed time .
  12. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    I felt like a right sucker
  13. Paulsmith

    Sad To See.

    Does this white night fellow make himself a idiot on evey topic .
  14. Paulsmith

    False Teeth

    Only just got back from the bingo .was lucky to get in as there was a full house.

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