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  1. gregory peck

    Stoke closing down

    Sad day for the potters, from a worky fan always enjoyable meetings v Stoke, with the pickering, moggo and staechmann spearhead always memorable, and now like us it's all in the memory bank
  2. gregory peck

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    it wasn't actually Craig Cook, he was stood on bend 2 in a duffle coat and balaclava chuckling while this imposter wreaked havoc, the fact that it wasn't me by shaggy was playing on the PA at the time was the major clue, as a fellow Cumbria you've got to love cookies sense of humour
  3. gregory peck

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    So are you saying cook needs to work on his 'glasgow kiss'
  4. gregory peck

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    It's the way of the world now, if a guy collapsed on the floor having a heart attack the likelihood is someone would whip out his phone and film it
  5. gregory peck

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Didn't think Norris was that way inclined, was he not done for indecent exposure
  6. No doubt council tax bills will be up again,little wonder nobody can be arsed voting in council elections
  7. Yes they haven't changed a bit,apart from a sixty minute makeover at derwent Park prior to the last rugby world cup
  8. Don't Diss Allerdale, we've so much to thank them for,the clock that's reminiscent of a bomb,and not forgetting the lion sculpture which looks more like a gorilla,money well spent in my book
  9. The way town are performing at the minute they're doing a pretty good job of losing support all by themselves,a shambles all round
  10. Breeze blocks and tin sheeting is an Allerdale speciality,get a few community service lads to knock it up,cheap and cheerful,get those bonus sheets and expenses forms completed allerdale
  11. So if and when the new stadium gets the go ahead(last I heard the powers that be were spinning a coin, heads or tails) what becomes of derwent Park?
  12. gregory peck

    Shield semi-final

    Have the BSPA not got enough to worry about,they need to remember to provide winners/losers medals and remember not to mislay the shield,at least worky haven't got that to do now
  13. Along with the so called backers who promised funding after our record breaking season,they've all run to the hills, it appears now we're out of sight and very much out of mind
  14. gregory peck

    F.A.O. Phill Rising

    Seems Mr argos likes to stir the s##t,and wait for a reaction,mocked Workington demise with derogatory remarks, clearly not a speedway fan
  15. You'd certainly think so,we can't really believe now it was only a year out with all that's come out lately,it's all desperately sad, with the memories of our finest hour still fresh in the mind,it appears now that's all we have,memories

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