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  1. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I am not asking you to check with me what you post nor have I asked you to. I have just become tired of your posts about the same thing time after time & simply said if these things are bothering you so much then make your points to the club directly , give them your idea’s & help them fulfil them for the better of the club. Some of points you raise are valid questions . Maybe you would consider chairing a supporters committee that could meet with the club once a month to raise concerns & opinions of the paying supporters ? The supporters club are about as much good as a chocolate tea pot & are almost ran by the clubs owners with their committee as mere puppets , so asking these hard questions to the club are impossible because the club will just withdraw the free tickets they are given every week & take their 50/50 draw off them if the supporters club stir the hornets nest too much. Let’s not kid ourselves most promotors they run speedway for the love of the sport & for beneficial tax reasons of their main source of income. There is a reason why hardly any speedway club makes a profit .
  2. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Iain the questions you ask are valid questions & may i suggest you ask those questions to the club & jaybea designs instead of the consistent moaning on here. I can assure you the club have zero say in what Jaybea sell . They sold the merchandise rights to Jaybea due to the costs & time connected to producing the items just like at around 90% of other clubs speedway is not the main source of income to the owners/promotors so on a day to day basis they have to run their other business that then in turn props up the speedway clubs so having the time to source & then deal with companies is at a premium . I don’t not know of many clubs that produce their own merchandise most of them are subbed out to other companies & Jaybea are recognised at one of the best hence why are represent so many clubs. I know all of this because I asked the same question you have regarding the clothing in 2019 along with the poor quality & got a nice reply from the club informing me of this. When i refer to the 10k that is not to buy a riders contract more the riders loan fee to their parent club.
  3. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Because the costs of making & selling your own merchandise is astronomical money that simply the club do not have. I would much rather the Bates invested 10k in signing a rider who could help the team then on club merchandise . The bates tried it once at Sheffield & lost alot of money so now there sub let the selling of club merchandise to Jaybea designs for both Leicester & Sheffield. I just feel like everything you post on here is negative & some of the ideas you have to help are good but can i ask why you have never offered your help/ideas to the club ? You have in the past criticised the track prep/staff i know for a fact they would love your help & input at the next meeting or on a work party up there ?
  4. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    But the fact remains & something you don’t seem to accept despite being told a number of times now is the club are not responsible for the merchandise . The club make nothing from the sale of merchandise so have no interest in what they do & don’t sell. Contact Jbea designs regarding your issue with the lack of merchandise or will that not suit your agenda of a vendetta against the club.
  5. Lenny Lion

    Sheffield v kings Lynn

    Just intrigued to find out how young Dan Thompson got on last night I know he scored 2+2 but were gift points or did he ride well for his points ??
  6. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I understand this isn’t effective until after Eastbourne , that was the Leicester plan anyway. But things change fast in speedway
  7. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I think the simple fact is the fixtures were done before Cardiff was cancelled. I can assure you Leicester have tried to manoeuvre the fixtures around for weeks to get a fixture in the height of summer but no club were willing to come this Saturday for one reason or another but mainly rider availability . Like Kent for an example after the match was cancelled a few weeks ago Leicester offered them this Saturday but they refused to come because Scott Nicholls was unavailable hence the date in September.
  8. Lenny Lion

    Eastbourne v Leicester CL 18/7/21 3pm

    Hans is riding in Poland in an already scheduled fixture before he signed for Leicester so they are entitled to a guest & they come no better then Scott Nicholls. It will be a strange one for Jake Knight riding for Leicester in the Championship & then swapping to the other side of the pits to race against Leicester in NDL. Why does Drew Kemp miss Sunday’s meeting ? weather looks good hopefully the action on the track can match.
  9. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I have just been told Zaine Kennedy is not the 2nd signing & it will be somebody else coming into the team for Saturday.
  10. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    it’s only the top 4 into the play offs with top of the table getting a choice of opponent in the semi final.
  11. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Dan will remain at reserve on a 2.00 surely ? Amazing signing of AnderSEN but not a word or mention on who the other rider is & surely we can’t be allowed to run with 6 riders on Saturday ?
  12. Iain I thought it was a decent meeting if I am honest . I heard them mention twice the Paul Chapman & Son’s arena the home of the reigning league champions . As for the trophy it has been paraded , shown & shared with the fans. I can only assume you missed the meeting where they displayed & paraded the trophy the day after that fantastic evening in Glasgow ?
  13. When did we sign Connor up & bin him off in favour of Josh Bates ? Connor was never signed to Leicester for 2020 or 2021. Originally it was Ellis Perks but he decided to retire so we got Josh back.
  14. Lenny Lion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I am sorry but with today’s result Ty Proctor & Josh Bates simply have to go now. I know Josh didn’t ride this weekend but his performances & injury's alone are enough for me. Don’t get me started on Ty Proctor last time i checked you turned the throttle back & the bike left . He rolls the throttle off & turns the bike right almost like he doesn’t want to race. Can anyone who was there tell me if he was the same at Newcastle today ? No more excuse or compassion can be given . We all know the only reason they are still in a job is because of their connection to our club owners. The next 7 days will be key to what the ambitions of the club are . Strengthen up & we have a fighting chance of the play offs leave the team as it is & we can kiss goodbye to any chance of silverware.
  15. If I book tickets do they need to be printed off or can they be scanned via my phone ?

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