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  1. Pieman72

    Visa's and Immigration Rules

    I think the Brexit boys might go quiet on this one !! Watch this space !!!
  2. Pieman72

    Breakaway League

    Sorry Ray I'll be corrected; been out of it with a serious illness recently.
  3. Pieman72

    Breakaway League

    The formation of a breakaway league at grass roots is good. Speedway is in a dire position and could become extinct if something is not done fast. How many teams are in the Premier League? We need something inexpensive approachable and affordable for the riders and public. Expensive 500cc high maintenance methanol burning engines does not help? No point living in the 70's those days will never come back.
  4. Pieman72

    Breakaway League

    Sittingbourne and Iwade are the same. It's not a joke and why should it be Speedway is in a dire mess.
  5. Out of interest I'm picking up on Visa problems relating to Australian and American riders who are failing to comply with 'beefed up, immigration rules. Does anyone have any information on this?
  6. I'm just picking up the formation of a new breakaway league with Sittingbourne, Isle of Wight and trackless Weymouth. Not before time, the sport in the UK needs a new direction particularly at grass roots. Well done for those involved a brave move.
  7. Thanks just waiting/praying for a new appointment.
  8. Yes it's awful and could be fatal if I don't get in soon. Thanks.
  9. There are some disgraceful post on here. You just don't get it. I've had major cancer surgery cancelled because the hospital can't cope with all the Covid cases. Congratulations I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
  10. Pieman72

    'the Donald' Trump

    Ultimately Trump is a liar, fraud and broke social norms. His supporters citing the Confederate State is so wrong Civil wars are nasty and do nothing but create hatred.
  11. Pieman72

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Yes there are several. As we have decided to put our 2 fingers up at the EU, large multinational companies will avoid the bureaucracy and cost of freight by-passing UK. I am far from gloating but the UK is less influential and this 'trading with the world' has a hollow ring to it. There are consequences to Brexit that no one could have predicted. https://nation.cymru/news/holyhead-port-in-danger-of-rapid-decline-after-end-of-the-brexit-transition-period/
  12. Pieman72

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I noticed freight from Holyhead and Fishguard has dropped by 70% since leaving the EU as new routes direct to the EU have opened. The towns are dependent on EU freight and the residents decided to stick 2 fingers at the EU well done boys and girls purveyors of their own destiny. I really can't understand his self sacrificing in the name of Brexit.
  13. So where have the hospitals been recruiting the 23,000 patients from? Covid is real FACT !!
  14. Covid is real it's overwhelming our hospitals and it will affect other services. This could result in people dying as a result of not having an ITU bed that is occupied by a Covid patient.
  15. Pieman72

    European Union - In Or Out?

    When it comes to lunacy by the dreadful insults and aggression you have targeted on me you are ticking all the boxes. There is no need for this level of vitriol Ken Clarke was an excellent MP.

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