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  1. singy13

    Derwent Park Workington

    The two pics show what is left of the Comets track nowadays...i.e. The concrete base that Ian Thomas and Jeff Brownhutt put in before adding shale, the grooves are from the scraping machines blade ....their is no shale there at DP now at all apparently all taken and dumped at Northside awaiting next track development???
  2. singy13

    Derwent Park Workington

    I've added a couple of pics to opening post re Derwent Park....hope you can see them tho..ha
  3. singy13

    Derwent Park Workington

    I'll try again............................................oh stuff it.............never had a problem couple of years ago.
  4. I took some pics yesterday of the current state of the ex speedway track at Workington. That is minus the shale but still lots of concrete around the four bends ...
  5. Just noticed on the Belle Vue site that Dan Bewley is from 'Maryland'......so it says on there marras...I think the owner of this site is perhaps from Fairyland?....
  6. singy13

    workington ..

    Good luck with that venture Marra...I live in this 'jamland' and have not seen a Speedway Star in WHS for a long long while....shops in nearby Worky still have it though.....
  7. singy13

    Glasgow 2020

    Thing is marra...............that's not a simple solution because ...I'm sure folk actually do need to read it before then judging quality?...........just saying......
  8. singy13

    workington ..

    That's shocked me geoff.......I've been a 'Townie' for a great many years, and always will be....yes it was awful to see the speedway track "ripped up", but I think even if it was still intact the Comets wouldn't be flying round it..............money, or rather the lack of it would have saw to that bitter end.
  9. singy13

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    You are half correct Geoff....we did meet Eagles in the K.O.Cup final in October 1975.......but Comets won the 1st leg on the Friday night at DP by 47-31......then down to Eastbourne for the second leg two days later, Sunday afternoon...and got well beaten by 52-25......the Comets riders just didn't like the small tricky Eastbourne circuit....I attended both these matches..and despite the defeat it was a good weekend out.
  10. singy13

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Remember doing a southern camping tour in 1971 (from Cumbria) and stopped in Hailsham for pub Sunday lunch, lovely grub, then on to Arlington for speedway, where we pitched tent right next to car park. Along with many other holiday makers...I can still vividly hear Dave Lanning winding up the visiting Peterborough fans - asking 'where have all the Panthers fans gone'?..adding' last year you brought 40 coach loads of fans to this fixture...today just a couple, why'?..I recall it was really good entertainment for us happy campers.
  11. singy13

    Newcastle 2020

    So It is good then that you have such folk interested in keeping speedway alive and kicking over on the East coast.(I've seen pics on Facebook) However despite your nice closing comments THJ I just can't see us over here in the West ever again having the need for such similar input. You say you had a peek at Northside....well apart from it being a laal track, of the right shape, nothing else inspires my hopes of a Comets revival right there....it's too small and spartan. Anyway good luck to the Diamonds from 2021 onwards......I've enjoyed very many visits to Brough to support Comets and always found the fans friendly....
  12. singy13

    Newcastle 2020

    Wish they(NSSG) would hurry up with the answers for you THJ.......it's good stuff this forum........................mind nowt like being at Derwent Park tho...oh hummmmm.
  13. singy13

    workington ..

    Forgot re Barrow....and I didn't know of an illness. The last time I saw George, and briefly spoke, was when he attended my wife's funeral in 2012. I remember going to Eastbourne for a second leg knockout cup final 1970 something, his wife sat with us - Comets well beaten but George took it well and smiled all through it with great dignity. Lovely guy.
  14. singy13

    workington ..

    Just seen recently that the former Workington Comets promoter George Graham has sadly passed away. He was a lovely man and gave 100% to both the Comets and Workington Town RLFC, being at one stage the chairman of the RL club. I knew him well via both of those sporting involvements and he was always a true gentleman. RIP George.
  15. Don't have any grudges personally....some fans who paid for 2019 season tickets will be upset...and so will those Comets riders still, allegedly owed pay. I've wrote on a Comets link regarding Speedway being a 'novelty sport'....so when Mr Average decides to call it a day that leaves a dwindling number of diehards attempting keep the sport afloat. Which, down the last few years, became patently obvious at Derwent Park....last seasons' magic ending saw massive crowd increases...sadly all too late.

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