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  1. StrangerKings

    Sheffield 2020

    Really liking those new kevlars Sheffield will be repping this season! Best I have seen in a long time.
  2. StrangerKings

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Doesn’t look like Danno Verge will be back on the Island unless they are happy to leave well over a point on their team average to play with. Could well be on his way back to Kent...
  3. StrangerKings

    Predictions thread

    Sorry to put this question in this thread, but does anyone know when the fixtures tend to get released? Just excited for the season already!!!
  4. StrangerKings

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Who knows, maybe attempts were made to get a contract done but an agreement couldn’t be made. Maybe he’s our insurance policy if Ledwith does struggle to adapt to Championship level.
  5. StrangerKings

    Confirmed Signings for 2020

    Ben Morley confirmed as a Warrior on SGB website
  6. StrangerKings

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Ben Morley is a warrior for next season. Was hoping he would have been in at least one of our teams for this year!
  7. StrangerKings

    Confirmed Signings for 2020

    Nathan Ablitt completes Mildenhall
  8. StrangerKings

    Newcastle 2020

    i don't know what James Wright's last average was, but surely he won't be on an assessed 2.00 when Rob Ledwith has been given a 4.00.
  9. StrangerKings

    Sheffield 2020

    Top 4 team with that signing in my opinion, I am liking the balance of that team. It will be hard to beat them at home.
  10. StrangerKings

    Somerset 2020

    I really enjoyed watching Stoneman at Kent a few seasons back, really hope he has an injury free (as with all riders!) season, as on his day he can be very quick. Good luck to him!
  11. StrangerKings

    Somerset 2020

    Stoneman confirmed
  12. StrangerKings

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I'd very much like that team. Fingers crossed!
  13. StrangerKings

    Somerset 2020

    I can’t see Vissing improving on his average, wouldn’t be a good signing for you guys.
  14. StrangerKings

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I’d be pretty happy with those guesses especially Gilkes over Jenkins
  15. StrangerKings

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I certainly hope we get Ben, big fan favourite for Kent, and will chip in with valuable points at home. I think it’s an ok move bringing Rob in at reserve, it shows that the hunger at his ripe age is there and it is one of those “prove us wrong” type of signings, as the majority of people will expect him to fail, but hopefully with the right set up and fitness he can prove them wrong, and in particular the age haters haha. Good luck to the old boy!

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