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  1. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Can't be worse, can it?
  2. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    It's the hammer in the air of Going, Going,....... waiting on the axe to fall with GONE! So few care or want to know now about UK domestic league speedway.
  3. waytogo28

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Won't make any difference who the manager is. Peter Adams couldn't knock that lot into shape.
  4. waytogo28

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    It's a long time ago yes, but when Norwich closed in 1964 I am sure it was 1s 6d for adults I was 6d as a child and the programme was 6d. Thta wa affordable and exciting good value - or came across as that to us, a working class family. We very much looked forward to going with the thousands of others.
  5. waytogo28


    Eurosport Channels ( 1 & 2 ) OR the Eurosport App? For the Bristish Final?
  6. Eager and Up for It as I hugely enjoyed the last one. Those that really want to race can do so. Still excites me and makes me want to watch.
  7. waytogo28

    Witches v Stars 29th July

    Always honestly looking for a reason to go back but my own current disinterest is backed up by this view of what was on offer! Eager for the GP weekend though!
  8. waytogo28

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    In the main it was led by leaders ( over the last 20 years ) who were incapable of taking it anywhere new and had little or no vision of what it could be if re-invented. Too much concentration on what the riders said they wanted / needed and almso NO thought about what the many departing supporters wanted / needed ( to encourage them to part with their money ). Less emphasis on rocket ship bikes - speed never having been the main attraction in the recipe of presenting close exciting racing, Should be simpler ( cheaper ) one class bikes 350cc or restricted 500 cc so that riders who wanted to race, could have a go at doing so. Sadly too late for that as many promoters and riders are fixed in the mindset of "it's OK as it is". It's not and the pool of riders ride anywhere and everywhere for any team in any league across the country. Not my cup of tea - Unless that circus provided close exciting racing in 50% plus of the heats. It is "all over" in the first 1/2 lap in 75% of heats ( races they cannot be called! ).
  9. waytogo28

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    It's Sayonara then to UK league speedway as we know it and have been stuck in the historical rut of for 20 plus years. Fewer and fewer do want to pay for it and that is the final arbiter. No paying punters and or No sponsors means that it is not viable. We have You Tube to watch this extinct creature when we need a dose of nostalgia. That's life! Every "craze" has it's time and speedway had a very good run for it's money. Too long really because for many it had become Yawn, boring, lacked passing, thrills excitement and lost it's tag of "racing" ( in the main with 3 or 4 of the heats in a match containing any) and was for many too expensive or poor value for money. It will stagger on in some form for a while to a diminishing group of spectators. If it is really Bye Bye time, so be it. Plenty of opportunities then for re-unions. By the way I was an addict for 40 plus years but managed to wean myself off it, over the last ten years. Phew! Ooops it was Pieman who said that, sorry Mick. OOps it was in fact Prentice 1874 who said that!
  10. KK's middle name has never been "Consistency" and at this stage never will be. 3-0-2-0-0
  11. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    A reward for sponsorship. Cannot be anything else other than Alex's ongoing love affair with what is left of the sport.
  12. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    Has to be the way forward - IF forward is the way the promoters are looking?
  13. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    And so it will go on until the sport is defunct in the UK because those that fought to get in charge of it ( or found it dumped in their laps ) were ill equipped and contained no visionaries whatsoever. Yes, that mantra for the last 10 - 15 years of "there's nowt wrong with it", so - on with the show in front of less and less fans ( who the promoters can then blame in th end ).
  14. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    It has virtually driven me away from In Stadium watching because the Main Event of 15 heats is mostly very boring and there are 3 - 5 decent races with something in them of note at the most. Slower bikes are essential for closer more skilful racing ( not to be confused with riding ).
  15. waytogo28

    Why speedway is failing

    I'd probably go back very regularly if that happens! Especially if they were on less highly powered bikes. But you would have to rename the sport then.
  16. waytogo28

    Is anyone losing interest

    Behind You! Look, back in the last century to some of us it was Much , Much Better ( me included ) and no my cataracts are not rose tinted.
  17. waytogo28

    Belle Vue -V- Wolves (Eurosport)

    Is that on Eurosport 1 or 2 or Eurosport App?
  18. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Well, Well, Well, "Blame Me " says Buster. Some of us have been seeing it that way for quite some time and never believed that Buster would "fess up". Maybe, just maybe the next step towards a brighter Stars future will be if Buster can listen to other wiser heads in speedway and not go on believing that he knows all the answers.
  19. waytogo28

    Is anyone losing interest

    In a nutshell, absolutely correct IMHO.
  20. waytogo28

    Swindon Robins 2020

    The real problem now is the noise from many new home residents with their windows open in the warm / hot weather and their TVs. radios, hi-fi's blaring. Must be a byelaw against it somewhere? TIC before you ask.
  21. waytogo28

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Several happy to pootle.
  22. waytogo28

    Kings Lynn - talk to me!

    Listen to somebody with vast experience ( alongside your own ) Buster. Not everyone else is wrong. Otherwise speedway at the AFA / Norfolk Arena / Saddlebow Road is definitely on a very slippery slope to extinction. Feedback is not criticism.
  23. waytogo28

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    I watched it avidly Live on TV. Got a vastly better view of every aspect of the racing than I did from the disabled bench I used to occupy on a regular basis. Live TV for me and I would happily pay for a Live Stream view ( not going to be of that standard I know ) while Delta variant endangers many of the Vulnerable Elerly ( and that will get worse for the rest of the season under B.J. "freedom" policy ). And there were six races worthy of the name on Monday, with a pass or a distinct possibiility of one - again an improvement on season 2019 , where if you got 3 races in a match you had done well.
  24. waytogo28

    King's Lynn 2022

    Five years ago - a group of us Stars Fans did just that and put together, after a lot of thought our feedback ( that is constructive criticism ) and forwarded it to the KL Promotion. We did not even get the courtesy of a reply, even though what we put forward was also printed in the Speedway Star. None of us now attend regularly - I will return, as I have said when I feel that it is safe for the Vulnerable Elderly ( me ) to do so. Two of our group have passed away ( not from Covid ) but they remained disillusioned to the end of their lives ( as I am ) even though we continued going very regularly. The proliferation of the dangerous Delta variant is not, of course the fault of any speedway promotion.
  25. waytogo28

    King's Lynn 2022

    Ricky Wells has had his best years some time back and does seem to manage one good ride in a match and then well..... Cameron Heeps certainly doesn't - and I echo your comment - look fit, fast or that interested. I don't blame Connor Mountain as we have to have a RS and there is no-one else better who is available.

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