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  1. Diamond geezer

    Glasgow 2020

    Hahaha apparently
  2. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2020

    Adam Roynon it is then.
  3. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2020

    Is this the “surprise” rider?
  4. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2020

    Does Matty Wethers qualify for a 2.5% reduction?
  5. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2020

    I’m pretty sure Glasgow would have Craig cook as #1 even on a 12.00 average. It’s a statement of power, and consistency in the big heats 13 and 15 which often are match winners
  6. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2020

    Am I the only one who struggles to see Bukhave as a good reserve let alone worthy of a 4.00 average? Nice guy, but we have all watched him ride haven’t we? I would be underwhelmed if our fantastic reserve pairing involved using Jacob.......
  7. Diamond geezer

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Could see Zaine Kennedy with you guys. Then maybe an Alfie Bowtell or a Jack Smith at 7
  8. Diamond geezer

    Eastbourne 2020

    I watched Jedd List do laps at Brough Park last year, he definitely had talent. I for one would have easily took the chance on him to ride for the diamonds. Then someone told me he had only been on 500cc for less than a year when he first rode last year. Blew my mind. With another years development the kid will make a laughing stock of a 4.00 average
  9. Diamond geezer

    Poole Pirates 2021

    I wish this was on the Newcastle thread. Arguably the greatest rider to have ridden for the diamonds in the last 30 years (alongside his name sake). i get the feeling you don’t speak for the Poole faithful, but welcome to the championship. i find it laughable that you ridicule bjarne, yet Klindt now feels your club is below him
  10. Would that mean Danny and Ulrich the first two signings Dave?
  11. Diamond geezer

    Berwick v Newcastle , Saturday 31 August 7pm

    Sadly Steve it’s the story of Newcastle Speedway of late (years not weeks). Underperforming riders/team. it’s like we always look like we have an ok/good team yet never spark into life. It’s almost like the mentality is that it’s acceptable to get beat away aslong as it’s not a hammering. At home, we applaud “good teams” that take points when the simple difference is that they want it more... I watch a team this season with 3 motivated riders (Matty, Max and Danny) all trying to prove. First two have had fantastic seasons, the latter I’m so pleased proving he belongs in this league as a no7 and is scoring points. Stevie just isn’t himself, but reliably is scoring points, but just hasn’t quite got back to being a true #1... I see a team with 1) Lasse Bjerre: A number 1 most seasons, an 8.00 rider two years ago, who is now a 5.00 rider 2) TJ: Our #1 before the team change - now on a 6 average 3) Ulrich: not done much wrong for us, but a #1 at Birmingham at start of year and soon to be a reserve. so ironically, we have three positive riders all improving their averages, and then 4 proven/chosen number ones and yet still can’t buy a point....
  12. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    #gate for toffee
  13. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    So another week, another home loss. I have followed speedway (and many other sports) for over 30 years - yet I have never been so disillusioned with anything as badly as I am tonight. The glorious thing with sport is that two factors can lead to victory, desire and ability. My last post was around which riders had succeeded (Matty, Max and to a lesser extent Danny who is now showing at home at least he has the better of most #7s) of the remaining: 1) Steve - what on earth is going on with him? I thought if anything would be the end of him it would be his injury, he was a far better rider at the start of the season - so what is the cause? He can’t beat even average riders around brough and quite frankly he doesn’t look interested. Not seen him so down on confidence since the season he asked to be stepped down. 2) Ulrich - can’t be blamed - on his average at least (although started the season as a #1, and right now is just a above average second string). 3) Lasse - Am I missing something? He is crap isn’t he? He picks up points where they are easy yet never ever looks capable of beating anyone decent! NO HEART 5) TJ - slightly different to the above - he can’t hate for toffee, but at least looks like he puts the flipping effort in. The move to us just not working - but I still retain hope he can fly if he gets out. This team doesn’t feel like a George team. And if I am honest, I am concerned - it feels like something is happening which is making top riders drop points (and averages)
  14. Diamond geezer

    Newcastle 2019

    So, I’m sat really disappointed tonight, reflecting on another poor performance from the Diamonds at the Media Prima Arena, and contemplating what exactly is the problem. For a number of years now, against often poorer Redcar teams we have failed to get close to them in terms of points, despite for many years having better quality of riders - something this season can’t be said. despite this, we were built this season as almost a Redcar reject side. Aside from Matty and Max, all riders have wore the Redcar race jacket (albeit in their less successful days). Danny whilst never technically being a bear, let’s face it is so close to the set up can be considered an honouree bear...... so it’s puzzling how we connect a poor past for Redcar, and a poor current Diamonds septet and struggle to understand why we are not competitive. As called out above, and quite frankly what’s blatantly obvious is that max and Matty have carried us all season and are the only riders to “appear” to have fight in them. No shock they are both not ex bears... Redcar made changes for the better and it’s worked... so to disassemble our current team, 1) Steve - not the old Steve, and for some reason last couple of weeks off colour. So pleased he is a diamond, but realise he is a number of steps short of his genuine ability 2) Ulrich - bargain average and can’t be blamed - I remember an Ulrich that can beat anyone, but on a 5 point average he is defiantly delivering, but the real Ulrich could and should be a heat leader not a second string 3) Lasse - the expensive mans Ludvig. Lasse is garbage and being passed by I think 5 riders tonight on his “best” track proves it. All season we have carried his excuses and quite frankly he doesn’t wear the name in my eyes. 4) Matty - fantastic season, carried our weaknesses, but starting to find it tough 5) Tommy - great talent, even tonight he is chasing and riding hard. Puzzled how a gater can’t gate, but can at kings lynn. Disappointment for me, but only to the sense I know he can do more and seems to be trying. 6) max - phenomenal 7) Danny - proud that he has proven he can mix it in this league, and any question he doesn’t deserve his place can be put to bed - regularly scores points at home and is a 2.0 rider The blatant route of the problem appears form. None of the guys except reserves and Matty give off the impression they are trying. That’s not my saying they aren’t, but they aren’t..! Contentious point - as much as I hated the bloke when he rode, i would pay to watch ludvig over Lasse any day
  15. What was the crack with George and Martin speaking with fans after? Anyone stay behind and hear what they had to say?

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