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  1. Bendonebunching

    SON 2021

    Does anyone know if this is an afternoon or evening meeting.
  2. Bendonebunching

    SON 2020

    Does anyone know if this is going to be afternoon or evening meetings.
  3. Bendonebunching

    Cardiff 2020

    Totally agree, went to Warsaw last year and the atmosphere was fantastic, much better than Cardiff.
  4. Bendonebunching

    Cardiff 2020

    If you go to the booking site they are still selling tickets.
  5. Bendonebunching

    Who has represented most number of clubs

    What about Adam Roynan, he's had lots of clubs.
  6. Bendonebunching

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Yes HT is a good friend and is probably one of the most knowledge and respected contributors to this forum with his many years of following speedway all over the country.
  7. Bendonebunching

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    Was also there last night and the track was dreadful. Both promoters have stated on the Plymouth forum that the track is fine . For me they are in total denial.
  8. Bendonebunching

    Cardiff GP Tickets

    First visit to Warsaw ,paid £16 for tickets where in Cardiff the same area cost me £ 80 last year. The experience was also so much better . I know which one I would recommend if you can only do 1 Gp.
  9. Bendonebunching

    Warsaw 2019

    I think the lower tier tickets are sold out , still some available for the upper tiers via the bspa website to take you to the booking site. Will be my first trip to Warsaw and can't wait.
  10. Bendonebunching

    REDCAR 2019

    Coming up from Plymouth for this, can someone please confirm what time it starts.
  11. Bendonebunching

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    I'm sorry to say that there is extreme sensorship on the Plymouth forum at the moment if you don't agree with certain people on that forum.

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