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  1. Spiderman1

    Wolves v Ippo 19/7

    Got a feeling the witches are going to come away with the 3 points here, they have turned the corner
  2. Should be another bear mauling
  3. Spiderman1

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Yep good to see a witches victory, especially the top of ladder leaders, a decent number one the ticket, cookie also class act, they will all fire at once and have good luck sooner than later just hope they don’t run out of time ,go the witch
  4. Spiderman1

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Isn’t every uk speedway rider up and down in scoring ,no track the same week in week out,think witches need to get track sorted for some passing , Allen been the anchor for 2 seasons,no doubt he will make those doubters eat some humble pie, someone said he was running in new spokes on new rims ,if so they should be right to go
  5. Spiderman1

    Redcar v Eastbourne 2/7/21

    Was ALLEN runnning in a new set of spokes?
  6. Spiderman1

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    Got a feeling the cookie Munster will chalk up a max tonite ,bitter sweet
  7. Spiderman1

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    Must win for witches,witches by 10 if worrel has a crack
  8. Spiderman1

    Redcar v Eastbourne 2/7/21

    Redcar will be too strong ,safe riding lads
  9. Spiderman1

    Ipswich 2020

    Yep she’s a circus ol mate,rules are supposed to be even and fair ,shame on British speedway or shoe ever is behind this
  10. Spiderman1

    Sheffield v Ipswich 24/6/2021

    The league is close witches unlucky with injuries etc going too upset some teams in finals if they get there
  11. Spiderman1

    Sheffield v Ipswich 24/6/2021

    Guest is better but a scoring guest would be better morris let them down this time must be cheap
  12. Spiderman1

    Sheffield v Ipswich 24/6/2021

    Can see the tigers loosing thier stripes tonite witches to caste thier spell
  13. This will be a ball tearer
  14. Allen a good choice of weapon
  15. The bears were hungrier alright with Wright riding like a fine captain should with Allen also outclassing the opposition,more nites like this to come as season grows,Toft an rare off nite , reserves done thier job as well, more to come when they all perform, tigers in for a kicking tonite also

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