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  1. To be honest before hand most of us would have been delighted with a point as we didn’t think would keep it within 10 but in the end it was points lost. The rain completely changed the track which Wolves (especially Douglas) adapted to better and another home team who used a tactical sub to win. The racing was fantastic before the rain came, just like the Wolves track use to be years ago, an outside line and inside line that could be used for passing and no fallers!
  2. The team that won on the night got to use a tac sub though at home, draw would have been a fair result. The partner for Bewley in heat 15 was a big debate between BV fans. Kurtz was very poor in heat 13 and most of the night apart from one ride. Worrall had been decent but not been out since heat 11 and no offence didn’t think he would have beaten Jorgensen & Lawson (although he gave it a good go). I would have picked Kurtz and hoped he popped out of the gate. But for Belle Vue in the end it was lost in heat 14, neither rider should have been beaten by Mountain in that. No need for the big cheers though when Etheridge fell heavily into the fence and the the subsequent jeering and abuse he got from Kings Lynn fans for not getting up.
  3. And now Kings Lynn get to use tactical at home after Belle Vue were 4 behind for ages.
  4. It’s been bad for about the last 10 years or so, use to be great in the early 2000s when Wilson, Stonehewer etc were there. although when Belle Vue were there few weeks ago it’s was bad for the first 10 heats and then last few heats were great but took long time to get going.
  5. Kings Lynn not learnt from the chaos at Peterborough, tonight only one lady taking cash/card and having to take track and trace details too.
  6. Riss only dropped one point last night so injury didn’t seem to effect him.
  7. I wasn't at the first meeting on bank holiday Monday 31 May but was told there was more at that first meeting then Monday even though it was suppose to be restricted! That being said though I thought Monday was a healthy crowd and better then some of the crowds I've seen there in previous years.
  8. Because averages at start of July barley changed due to lack of meetings, I suspect they will both be number 1 on 1st August.
  9. Now R/R for Charles Wright after a crash last night at Birmingham. Everyone apart from Brady Kurtz can take a ride.
  10. KING’S LYNN: Thomas Jorgensen, Cameron Heeps R/R, Erik Riss, Lewis Kerr, Richard Lawson, Connor Mountain, Ricky Wells. BELLE VUE: Brady Kurtz, Richie Worrall, Steve Worrall, Charles Wright, Dan Bewley, Tom Brennan, Jye Etheridge.
  11. Seen it on facebook they said can pay on gate.
  12. Rob B

    Wolves v Ippo 19/7

    I think some have too high expectations for Crump, he is 45 and been retired for 8 years, he was never going to be anything like the rider he was and signing him as a number 1 was a crazy decision, should have been a reserve. It’s sad as I was a huge fan of his at his prime when rode for Belle Vue.
  13. Belle Vue must have been lucky then Rob Lyon just like last time
  14. Inside very grippy, track record for Bewley = poor racing. hopefully inside will slicken off soon.

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