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  1. Spl77

    Big decisions in November.

    I would think changing the points awarded in league matches will cure all of speedways ills! Personally I think the sport is now to far gone and such a poor way that its in its final throws and by the mid 2020s will be a thing of the past. The only saviour will be a complete and radical overhall this winter but that is something that has never happened so won't this time around. Those of you who still go and enjoy it please enjoy it while it lasts
  2. So last night...... What a shocker! Harris down on power? I'm not so sure just looks like he is struggling to ride seemed to be fighting to keep control on bends one & two. KP looked like a complete novice hard to believe he was winning races at number 5. To be honest though no one expect Nico can escape criticism. Perhaps Louis should get on the phone to Dudek his GP performance has dropped of maybe he needs more track time and sharpening up just like Hancock did when he went to Poole.
  3. From where I was standing it didn't look like Nico caused any of his team mates a issue. Heeps clearly not fully fit & KP looked like a complete novice. Nico pushing for a Foxhall return next season as the Super reserve.
  4. Hope that Heeps is ok Is tonight the night the wheels finally fall of the Ipswich wagon.... The number one is an increasing concern
  5. Knowing how sticky the Glasgow finances from their statement pre season has Cook just played a part in closing his employers down? I would imagine a cup final would have brought in much needed money.
  6. I was witness to the criag cook factor at Ipswich last season. No over heated fisty Cuffs that night as he got his way &, the meeting was called off. Same scenario though Glasgow riders not changed and a conference on the track. He really is getting far to big for his boots.
  7. Louis' in charge at Ipswich for 30 years... and have kept the club safe dispite some dark hours ie the winter of 95
  8. Spl77

    TV new deal?

    But even on the better tracks most of the time it enter corner on the inside and then drift to mid to outside thus making outside passing a hazard. These things are out of control on the big European tracks to. The bikes need changing easily done turn around tomorrow and state that from season 2021 the bike is going to be xyz. That gives a season and a half's notice to the riders that things will change. Time to plan.
  9. Well I confess I was not happy with the line up when announced however boy have I been proved wrong! Keep it going
  10. Spl77


    And that league was fair more successful in the last few years than the old BL. Maybe the promoter's should dust off the old NL rule book
  11. I these new way forward ideas some of which need consideration as the current operation model is not working. However these new proposals loose all credibility when random things are chucked in I mean a domestic competition at the Olympic stadium is pure fantasy.
  12. Spl77


    I think you'll find the National League of the late 80s ran with a no guest policy up until the league merger with the BL at the end of 1990. So it can be done.
  13. Standing water everywhere and more to come this morning through to the afternoon
  14. Spl77

    One League - Matt Ford

    Interesting however after probably 25 years or longer of cost cutting there cannot be much left to cut? I am always amazed the one area never looked at is rider equipment. Surely if we go down the one big league route and Doyle and Lambert do quit the league then that's the time to introduce standard equipment? To save on the one major cost that has never been looked at. Not cost cutting but something else that massively affected my decision to stop attending is the wonderful guest rule. That along with the transfer system really needs a massive overhaul. The two combined saw Scott Nicholls ride 3 weeks running at Ipswich for 3 different teams....... But hey this is speedway as the phrase goes.
  15. Spl77

    Ipswich 2019

    Still he was better than Phillipe Bergé Shame we didn't move for Nicholls a couple of weeks ago. Still I'm quite happy with Kennet been mentioned on here enough as someone Ipswich should sign.
  16. Spl77

    Ipswich 2019

    Could we be about to drop Bellego? His name is mentioned in the belle Vue thread as a possibility for them. Thoughts?
  17. Spl77

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    If Wolves release Nicholls could he replace Harris?
  18. Spl77

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    What was Harris doing in heat 15? Mind blowing!
  19. Spl77

    Swindon 2019

    Problem is there are also far less top riders world wide apart from Poland it seems in decline everywhere even the GP are at best operating at the same level but certainly not to the potential that they had back in the early 2000s. Sad times really.
  20. 19 points from reserve fantastic the rest early days but need to up their game...
  21. Interesting that alot on this forum myself included point to Poland as the way forward. So when we have a owner who starts to give his clubs a professional image like the Poles do he gets slated. I'm not Chapman biggest fan however I can only admire how his teams are kitted out. Louis has always had his teams well kitted out and the Ipswich website and interaction on social media over the past few years has been great. Up the witches right now the sport seems professional well in Ipswich at least.
  22. Spl77

    Ipswich 2019

    A good positive piece on BBC look East last night. They certainly look the part teaching Poole a few lessons.
  23. Spl77

    Ipswich 2019

    Any chance of sneeking into have a nose this arvo?
  24. Would love to know what happen between Ipswich and Tungate. When he signed for us Louis was singing his praises and if memory serves me right had to beat of competition to land him. Obviously at that time Ipswich and Tungate were a good match.

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