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  1. 39 minutes ago, dontforgetthefueltapsbruv said:

    Too late to put the genie back in the bottle. Now have to make the best of what we have. The equipment wont go back now. It would be a bit like reverting from electric back to steam trains....

    Even if its the equipment that is helping to destroy the sport? 

  2. I used to love going to King's Lynn in the early 90s to follow Ipswich. 

    The racing & the atmosphere was always fantastic especially in Good Friday morning. My own opinion is Lynn like many others have struggled to adapt to these super tuned lay down rocket ships. 

    The powers that be really need to get the equipment sorted out as the first part of creating entertaining racing. 

  3. On 2/20/2021 at 11:17 AM, scoobydoo said:

    Just shows that one person  shouldn't be involved with the running of two separate clubs , we all know he shouldn't of been allowed to buy Peterborough especially  with his reasons for doing so and its clear that many fans of Kings Lynn and Peterborough are not happy with the situation ,but at least Lynn fans know that he wouldn't sell there club when it finally comes to it.

    I dont attend meetings now but as you say a club remains in your heart after the memories of many seasons that live with you forever, the value for money aspect did for me about 20 years ago , the GPs started the watering down team process and i never did attend a british GP even when one year i won some tickets from a national paper then gave them away ,i dont miss attending meetings it just becomes the norm in the long run and ive never been tempted to return ,

    I'm just glad he didn't get his claws into Ipswich! 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Shrub said:

    As has been said before on here John Berry proved over many years you can operate without guests - and still be highly successful.

    The national league in the late 80s also proved that you could run a league competition without guests. The issue like so many within speedway it's the easy way out. 

    Just look how far the sport has fallen since Ipswich's final national league season in 1990.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Daniel Smith said:

    I really don't understand why people have such a problem with doubling up. 

    It's the credibility issue for me. In a supposed professional elite sport you have a rider who can be contracted to two different teams in the same country. Then by the time you add in the guest regulations its possible that one rider could ride for every professional club across the two divisions in one season. 

    I guess it bugs me because I still have the hope of the sport growing and getting the support and attention it deserves. While things like this go on its very difficult to see that ever happening. 


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  6. 5 hours ago, steve roberts said:

    Apparently Jason Crump is making a comeback with Plymouth?

    He should have been back in 2020 with Ipswich. This coming season he is doubling up with Plymouth while also riding for Ipswich. 

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  7. Not necessarily a comeback but it was a massive shame Ipswich didn't resign the cowboy in 97 and again for 2001. I think 97 was very close to happening and Cook went on record in during an interview after his short stint with Lynn in 2000 that he fancied riding for the witches again. That after a mighty impressive 13 points at Foxhall for Lynn. 

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  8. I know there is a pandemic on and to honest any speedway is a bonus this year. However for the sport to move forward and thrive again this doubling up really needs raining in its now out of control. 

    Good luck to Crumpy and the rest of the doubling up riders at least it keeps them busy without the need to ride overseas. 

  9. 45 minutes ago, Dandelion said:

    How come Jason Crump's average has gone from 8.21 last week to 8.00 this week? Conveniently to drop Ipswich JUST under the average limit?

    1. Jason Crump 8.00

    2. Jordan Stewart 4.00

    3. Danny King 6.66

    4. Cameron Heeps 6.30

    5. Nicolai Klindt 7.43

    6. Anders Rowe 3.00

    7. Drew Kemp (3*)

    Total: 35.39

    For the good of speedway 

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  10. 6 hours ago, mikebv said:

    Always amazed me how tracks with a similar size footprint have such differing shapes...

    Gustrow for me is an example of how you can fit a wide, more circular track into a not too large footprint. Meaning the bikes dont "lock up" and potentially 'spit' the rider off when they hit some unexpected grip..

    Maybe it's down to "trick track home advantage" that has led to clubs never changing their track shapes as bikes developed? 

    Sky paid many of them a hell of a lot of money over the years which may have been better used in improving the racing product first and foremost...

    A wide, more circular track also seems to give riders more confidence to attack it, which, I presume, must be down to them feeling confident to ride harder given the rider in front wont potentially lock up and you hammer into him..

    The Promoters at the NSS knew what was needed and just look at what that track delivers...


    Alot of the issue is the foot print of the stadia & what is on the inside of outside of the speedway track that limits what can be done even if the money is available. 

    Ipswich carried out major track works a few years ago and have been tinkering ever since. Not sure how much of a difference it has made to the racing though. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, bigcatdiary said:

    The point exactly, the sport needs to get the tracks to produce racing not gate and go crap that does nothing for no one.

    Good racing will attract fans, that and getting back to encouraging teams to sign just our own locally grown talent will go a long way to avoiding problems like the Polish league rules in the future.

    Part of the problem is that the bikes are just to quick/powerful for the UK tracks. Part of the UK reset should be slower standard equipment that is not only better suited to the UK tracks but also cheaper to maintain. 

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  12. It's very interesting now, much was made of signing Crump and it produced quite alot of attention.... Maybe there will be a further reduction in this average.... I would be suprised if he isn't at Ipswich however I was surprised he signed last winter anything is possible! 

  13. 1 hour ago, HGould said:

    Might have something to do with the post AGM press release last Thursday promising Fixtures, Eurosport Announcement, Teams and the suggestion of some new ideas. 

    New ideas.... Green helmet colour, golden double (twit hat) 6 lap final heat, 6 man teams, 8 man teams, 16 heats,18 heats, bonus points, no bonus points can't be any of these all been done before. 

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  14. 5 hours ago, enotian said:

    The individual promoters know.  They've just not announced it to the public yet. Sounds like there's going to be some kind of staged announcement with Eurosport....  you know to generate some interest.

    Will this announcement be made in Godfrey top class TV studio? 

  15. 12 hours ago, mikebv said:


    "Superstars" didn't start out as such and sadly are now out of reach for day to day UK Speedway, so now is the time to set about finding other "Superstars" and that doesn't have to mean global ones but could be a rider who gets a large following at his local track and becomes "a large fish in even a very small pond"...

    He would benefit locally through sponsorship, and the club would have a rider who locally gets known and can 'pull a crowd in"...

    The more GB riders the better, and the more chance GB will have to try and reach the best team in the world status, which has to be the No1 aim of the BSPL, well above all and any individual team success focus, as this attracts hardly any national attention at all, whereby consistent GB success would..

    The promoters have a 'free pass' from supporters to try new innovative and radical things given the pandemic issues they face so let's hope they go for it..

    Four (mainly GB) lads per race, all of a similar ability, racing on a well prepared track, on a day/night that provides the best crowd numbers for that track, and in competitions that are ran with credibility amd integrity, and all delivered at an admission price that reflects true value for money...

    Can it be done. .?


    That's spot on. The thing I struggle to understand is that the so called global superstars are only superstars within tge existing speedway fan base certainly as far as UK speedway is concerned. Those names won't draw in sustained extra bums on seats week in week out. 

    What you need is an exciting league with commited riders sensible rules something that can be properly promoted to a wide audience. 


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  16. On 1/14/2021 at 6:51 PM, tonyd said:

    The quote of “details to be revealed in due course” really means " if and when we think of something we will let you know:rofl: 

    details to be revealed in due course is right up there with the other great quote but this is speedway 

  17. I cought a little of the Mildura masters this morning. I'm not sure who the commutators were but one of them thought if UK speedway doesn't happen in 2021 then it would be difficult for the sport in this country to come back from 2 lost seasons.

    I found it really frustrating that even though covid has been an issue for 9 months the sport in the UK hasn't come up with a way to run & nothing will be known until mid January. 

    I suppose that sums up the fragile state of UK speedway though they are in no position to work any other way. 

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  18. 2 hours ago, jenga said:

    a 38 point limit would be good for the future of the sport in general and also weed out those high earners and force them into the  top league to stop them milking it !

    just mi opinion lyke .  :shock:

    Yes because constantly lowering the points limit over the past 20 odd years has worked so well! 

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