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  1. JamesHarris

    Is anyone losing interest

    Losing interest? Once a Speedway fan always a speedway fan or you wouldn't be bothering browsing sites like this. I've watched a couple of televised meeting now they are back on Eurosport and it's been a bit of a mixed bag. I enjoyed the Peterborough v Wolves match and was very impressed with Luke Becker. I watched a few heats of the Ipswich meet on Monday and turned it over because it was boring me. I think with the lack of foreign superstar riders over here now Speedway in the UK has a golden opportunity to re-set itself.
  2. JamesHarris

    Somerset 2020

    At the end of the day it's their land and they are entitled to do what they see fit. Business is business. However the loyal Somerset fans who have spent their hard earned cash at both the speedway and the clubhouse over the years deserve honesty. The Hancock's would have more respect out of this if they were just honest and said "look, we've had an offer on the land we can't refuse and have sold it". Disappointing yes but at least honest. Hiding behind the Covid curtain and blaming it all on that is just a blatant lie. I was in the area last month and went and had a nosey. The land was being dug up and most of the signs for speedway were being removed. It was fairly obvious what was happening. Honesty goes a long way.
  3. JamesHarris

    Enough Is Enough

    Don't make any apologies for having an opinion mate. The social media "blackout" is just token bandwagon jumping. Some things do get very personal on here I agree and the perpetrators are a small minority of keyboard warriors. Criticism is a good thing as long as it's constructive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it is becoming the norm now that you are not allowed to have one unless it is the correct one and on the approved playlist. Unfortunately everything now has to be this sugar coated world of unicorns and rainbows.
  4. JamesHarris


    Cardiff is like the Monte Carlo of the Speedway GP - It has glitz and glamour. It is set on a waterfront. It is a temporary tight small circuit and just like the Monte Carlo of F1 overtaking is minimal and first out the traps usually wins. I'd love to see the GP return to Osdal. A proper big, wide, racers track. Maybe they could stage a Commonwealth GP?
  5. JamesHarris

    Somerset gone?

    I was in the area on Thursday and went to have a nosey. I drove past and saw the land around the arena was being ripped up. The arena is still there but if speedway was to continue i don't know where the parking would be. Also sign's for the clubhouse have been taken down. I think this is the end for Somerset speedway and the reason of the uncertainty of covid was just a cover. Saying that if you were in the Hancocks shoes and offered big bucks for the land what would you do?
  6. JamesHarris

    MSDL 2021

    That is true. But unfortunately I personally cannot support "ghost teams". The BSPA finally ran out of patience with them and when Cradley closed shop it finally gave them the excuse to remove that thorn from their side. Ghost Teams are run by enthusiasts that can't be denied. BUT there is a distinct difference between those that genuinely are seeking to bring back speedway to towns and those that are using a name from the past to play fantasy speedway without any intent of putting their money where their mouths are. Without naming names a very successful "club" in the early years of the MDL gave it large how they wanted to bring back speedway to the area. I told them how the owner of a certain greyhound circuit within a racecource was a motorsports fan and they should approach him. Said fantasy club were not interested. Enough said.
  7. JamesHarris

    MSDL 2021

    Just want to say a big thumbs up to Laurence for keeping this going. It may only be 3 teams but it keeps the league alive when it looked like it was dead. It will be 10 years in June since the MDL (MSDL) launched.
  8. JamesHarris

    Swindon Stadium

    Have you ridden a speedway bike before?
  9. JamesHarris

    Swindon Stadium

    Fair enough if that's how you feel. I would suggest though that you put yourself forward, make an offer to the promotion and put your money where your mouth is.
  10. JamesHarris

    New Junior League 2021

    Have you been to any speedway meetings in the last 10 years? There was this thing called the Midland Development League
  11. The news over the past week has shown how the European Union is now flexing it's muscles with threats to others about banning the export of covid vaccines, probably in an effort to take the headlines away from it's own shambolic rollout. It got me thinking - with vaccines becoming such a powerful and valuable commodity could it lead to countries going to war in order to grab it's neighbors supply? I'm not saying the EU is going to invade us but what about when the vaccine gets to Africa? Will for example say Congo invade Rwanda to take it's supply? Angola threaten Namibia? Just examples of cause but could it happen?
  12. JamesHarris

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Maybe Hans Nielsen has been approached about a comeback?
  13. JamesHarris

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Well it's a bold signing that's for sure but one can't help think the owners are throwing their money around with more focus on winning a trophy than focusing on managing the finances. As someone else has pointed out Workington comes to mind. Very risky for a track that has been operating in the National League and still would be if it had not been for Somerset deciding not to run. I wish them luck but I really hope this doesn't end up being a reckless move that will bankrupt the club. British speedway has lost enough tracks over the last decade without losing any more.
  14. JamesHarris

    Whats actually going on?

    Its Crazy isn't it. Can you imagine if in Rugby Union they said Wasps and Leicester Tigers couldn't play their respective home games on a Saturday because Leicester were the senior team and had priority. Or Even in football. It would never happen. Each team has its own support base. If Plymouth ran on a Friday night it would have no effect whatsoever on Scunthorpe's attendance.

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