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  1. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 7 June

    Thanks Rob, and that makes it all sound very logical. More so, as I now have found out that of 5 of us sat in various locations within Block D on Monday night - and had checked in via the QR code - just 3 have received the message from the App. However, I'm now thinking I'm not fully seeing the wood from the trees here!! If it is the App's Bluetooth monitoring ability that detects and notifies you to isolate e.g., after it has detected that you have been near someone in a stadium for at least 10 mins and that person later tests positive - then why is there a need for checking-in via the QR code? The QR code must do something else I presume then? I'm presuming too that those attendees who don't have the App, don't check-in via the QR code, and have their details taken by the NSS staff that these details must include their seat locations?
  2. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 7 June

    A friend of mine who was at the NSS on Monday has just told me that he has just had the NHS track & trace app message to say he has been in contact with someone with Covid, and must now self isolate. He has only 'checked in' with the app at two places - the NSS and one other place - and, as I haven't had the same message, we are assuming it will be from his visit elsewhere. However, just to see if the app is working properly, has anyone who was at the NSS on Monday had such a message?
  3. BarracudaAce

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 7 June

    I recorded Wolves v Sheffield last night but haven't yet watched it. Wonder if you have Phil or anyone else? If so, perhaps you can confirm what a friend told me earlier today, that he had been told by another friend who had watched it live. And that was Eurosport never even mentioned the Aces v. Ipswich match was also being raced last night, yet they kept going over to Peterborough v. King's Lynn for updates and the final result. Surely Eurosport could have at least given the Aces v. Ipswich result, or the latest score if they were going off air before the match at the NSS had finished? And, unless it changes / has changed, it doesn't seem that Eurosport are broadcasting - on TV at least - the first of the Speedway European Championships rounds this coming weekend. They've broadcast all the rounds of the SEC in previous years. Hope they don't start not broadcasting some of the Grand Prix when they take over next year.
  4. Indeed. And Bomber certainly looked slim enough in his 'civvies'. All the 'senior' riders did to be fair - not sure I was as slim as them when I was in my late 30s /early 40s!!
  5. BarracudaAce

    Missed opportunities with live streaming

    I was talking to a family of four at the Belle Vue Colts match on Friday night and they said they were unable to get tickets for today. They commented that they would have been prepared to pay a tenner each if today's Aces match had been streamed - even though they would have been watching it on same TV. Just to add to the frustration, the match was being filmed today and Dave Rowe was doing commentary,
  6. Technically GAH was correct with the highlighted bit. Bewley 15 max and none of the Panthers did get close to Kurtz - they were either miles in front of him or miles behind him!!
  7. BarracudaAce

    Ipswich vs Sheffield 27th May

    No it doesn't matter - you are 100% right. My thoughts on maybe no return flight to Gorzow, and the twaddle over a rearranged fixture, were hinting that the Ipswich website was feeding us some BS. Jack himself was probably giving us a clue that he wasn't going to be at Ipswich in his Eurosport interview at the NSS last week. And Red Flag is most likely correct. Doubt a UK club would 'get away' with insisting that though.
  8. BarracudaAce

    Ipswich vs Sheffield 27th May

    Interesting what Gasser90 has just posted but, if Holder definitely isn't riding for Sheffield, it looks like we've all been led astray by the wording of the Ipswich website article. So what is the reason Holder is missing from the Sheffield team? Is it just down to flight availability - could it really be, for instance, that there is no suitable return flight to get him back to Gorzow on time for Friday, and so he is staying in Poland? Why not just be forthright and state the real reason, rather than come out with some twaddle about a rearranged match?
  9. BarracudaAce

    Ipswich vs Sheffield 27th May

    Indeed, so much for the UK having priority over other leagues/countries on Mondays and Thursdays eh? Makes a complete mockery of the 'priority system'. Surely he should be at Ipswich? If this Polish match has been rescheduled to whatever day/time and means, by competing in it, there is no way Holder can make it to the priority Ipswich fixture then, quite simply, he shouldn't be riding in Poland. He should be on a flight that does get him to Ipswich on time. But, we all know what should happen and what does happen, are polar opposites when it comes to such matters. You can bet your life that if it had been the other way round, he wouldn't be missing a Polish fixture on their priority days!!
  10. BarracudaAce

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    ....maybe it shouldn't, but it does happen!! Indeed, it has happened in two of the three matches this week - and in the third match, the home no.1 was third in a visitors' 5-1. If you're taking heat 1 in isolation, and saying that Brady Kurtz not getting 2nd in heat 1 cost the Aces a win, then you can say that Troy Batchelor and Craig Cook not winning their heat 1 cost Sheffield and King's Lynn a draw respectively. But, of course, other things happen in other heats that affect the final result. If only Jake Allen had not been passed by both Aces in heat 15 last night then Ipswich would still have won!!
  11. BarracudaAce

    Warsaw GP 2021 CANCELLED-

    If it had gone ahead in August, I wonder just how easy or difficult it would have been for UK supporters to have attended. A Warsaw 2022 GP should/hopefully/probably make it more likely that we will be able to go and enjoy the whole weekend in a much closer way to pre-covid days.
  12. BarracudaAce


    That certainly is a good point, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a bizarre choice. Probably a bit unexpected true, but maybe it is something Ben will relish - especially as he is the longest-serving Colt in the team this year. He talks here about his desire to build team spirit. If his form begins to suffer, however, due to the extra responsibility I'm Steve & Graham will take action. Just hope the weather doesn't intervene tomorrow night - not looking too good though right now on the forecast. BELLE VUE have handed their NDL captaincy to Ben Woodhull ahead of their opening home fixture on Friday, May 21 against National League newcomers, the Newcastle ‘BTS’ Gems. The visitors announced their challenge for league glory in magnificent style at Armadale only one week ago when they earned 43-46 bragging rights over the Devils. The Cool Running Colts class of 2021 have changed quite a bit in the period between now and the start of the UK national lockdown back in March last year. But Woodhull believes the changes have given his side a good balance of experience and new talent that will prove crucial in their first few meetings. On his new role as captain, he said: “We’ve always said there are seven captains in this team, but to be officially named as skipper this year is a real honour for me. “This team always meant a lot to me before but now I feel even more responsible for the boys. I want to build a great team spirit this year but we’re already starting to gel quite well. “There’s a lot of potential. I think that Jack [Parkinson-Blackburn] will really come out of his shell and step up as the No.1, and the McGurk brothers have a lot of talent we’ve not seen yet. “There’s a good mix of experience in there as well which will no doubt be vital to the younger lads as we settle into the season, but I think collectively we can do very well. “Obviously Newcastle have the advantage of having had a meeting already and having won that meeting I’m sure they’ll feel confident about their chances in Manchester “But the National Speedway Stadium is somewhere that I certainly feel comfortable, and a lot of the other boys do, and even with the changes we’ve gone through I think we can still beat anyone here. “Everyone is so excited for this match. We will take it one race at a time and as long as we stay focused on our game plan and have fun, I believe we can emulate the Aces’ success against Sheffield.”
  13. BarracudaAce


    Indeed!! They certainly seemed very popular with visiting supporters coming to New Hammond Beck Road (and home supporters too of course!!)
  14. BarracudaAce


    Congratulations to Ben Woodhull on being appointed the Colts' captain for the 2021 season. He may never be World Champion, but certainly gives his all in every race and shows great enthusiasm. Just what a captain should be like. Good Luck to all the Colts for the the season ahead, and looking forward to seeing all the National League teams visit the NSS.
  15. BarracudaAce


    From my understanding that isn't exactly true. Unless it has changed - and from what I was told by a BT guy I was talking to at Belle Vue a couple of years ago - that whilst Natalie was a contracted BT employee, both Kelvin and Nigel have been employed on a freelance basis by both Sky and BT Sports. Don't disagree with some of your other comments though.

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