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  1. JC71

    Corona virus

    ...also, generally, on the whole, women are hairier than men....... but only on the hole
  2. Infected adrenochrome!! Follow the white rabbit
  3. Ah DC2, totally, I'm agreeing with you, and my point was meant to be the same as yours, only you expressed it better.........
  4. Has there been though? Like, proper evidence........ I'm not trying to argue, and I hate Saville coz he owes my mate 20p (its a long story that involves Hereward Radio), and if image alone could convict I reckon guilty all day long, but has there been much actual evidence?
  5. JC71

    Brain teaser

    Ok, I realise I have set myself up here to be battered, but here’s the answer....... Keegan Gascgoine Kelly Lee Brock
  6. JC71

    Brain teaser

    Name 5 Newcastle United Players who have advertised Brut Splash On
  7. Thanks for reply..... wow, really??!!
  8. Apologies, speedway only started in the 80s for me, what was the outcome of that?
  9. Homebase have got some Spaghetti Trees in
  10. Not that I needed any, so haven’t been particularly searching, but I haven’t seen pasta for ages
  11. And then there's that too, and the stats back you up completely
  12. Whilst I agree 100% with the 2nd part of your 2nd statement, I don't think it is clear to a lot of people....... going by my limited social media usage
  13. Greatest socialist Prime Minister the UK has seen in my lifetime
  14. Dude, flu can be very harmful to unborn children, I guess that's what I meant, I hope their unborn child is ok
  15. I'm hearing that too..... whilst medical opinion is divided, hope his girlfriend is ok
  16. Aaaargh, what have I done....... loose lips sink ships etc.......... ha, led out at dawn tomorrow........
  17. Yep, seems that way.......... locally anyway....... saying that, back end of last week / weekend I'd never, in 12 years, known the hospital so qu**t........( ha I don't like using the 'q' word........)
  18. Hi Matt..... up to 0730 Sunday morning, locally very few inpatients were being / had been tested, unless they had specific symptoms......
  19. And something that's never been said, is that the poor girl had no KNOWN pre existing conditions........... a fair few people get auto immune diseases diagnosed in teens / 20s / 30s
  20. After what I saw today....... dude, sorry to your daughter.... but not only that, thanks....... hope she keeps smiling
  21. Just because it isn't always obvious, my reaction to your post was 'sad' emoji, coz the whole situation is sad

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