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  1. KEITH M

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hope some fans from other clubs do turn up but for an away fan I would say Poole are a bigger attraction than Plymouth but they are at Edinburgh on Friday and Berwick on Saturday so would their fans want to see the same team again in less than 24/48 hours ? Just read that Jason Crump is back for Plymouth tomorrow so that could be good news for Sunday
  2. I also said that’s what was going to happen as the referee asked the clerk of the course to ring him immediately…. Yes I agree the staying down looked “ Iffy” but even the innocuous looking falls can be the worst.. I think a warning would of been the correct punishment as even multi millionaire footballers try and cheat but they don’t get fined .. If Pijper was fined £100 he probably went home with less than what he came with !!
  3. If Ben Cook’s injuries had of been life threatening the ambulance that was already at the track would of taken him straight to hospital
  4. Kyle Howarth guests for Matty Wethers
  5. Taken from Richie’s Facebook page……….Sorry to the Belle Vue Speedway fans, I caught my ankle on Friday in the first race at Edinburgh and since has swollen. Nothing broken just a little too uncomfortable to make tonight’s meeting.
  6. I hadn’t booked yet for this meeting as living close to the track I have witnessed all the rain over the last 48 hours but if I had of done,to get my money back would I have had to go to the Newcastle “ Go Refund Me” page
  7. I know different areas have different rules but you could also pay at the gate for the Scunthorpe v Glasgow meeting yesterday .. Also there is a circus currently being held less than 5 miles from Brough Park where I seen first hand on Saturday people queuing up and paying at the entrance!!
  8. What’s with this big thing about the hangers on ?? If I was management I would be more worried and want to know why there was 600 at the first meeting and only a reported 300/350 at yesterday’s.... Meetings that attracted quite a few away fans and both meetings that the hangers on did not attend so that made no difference
  9. Taken from Joe Alcock Racing ......so unfortunately my time with the diamonds has come to an end I enjoyed the 3 meetings I did for them thanks to everyone that has helped me get to this point
  10. If you had been sacked from a job you had done well( some for years and years) and some if not all of them doing it for nothing because of their love of Newcastle speedway, would you give £20 of your hard earned money to the person who has sacked you ?
  11. Ray Dean (former turnstile operator ) was also on the terracing
  12. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    Azwar Majeed who owned Crawley Town in 2009
  13. KEITH M

    SON 2020

    That’s happened for years .. How many speedway meetings have been in the fixture list that you have made plans to attend and then they have been either rained off, abandoned or moved from their original date and then been replaced with a later staging date.. Tough luck if it’s rearranged on a date you can’t attend
  14. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    Not disagreeing with you Steve and yes I agree that Andrew’s cash has probably helped keep the speedway going at certain times, I just thought to single one person out for praise was in my opinion not correct as how many others over the years have went out looking for sponsorship, worked in all weathers at the track over many winters , held supporters functions etc.. Did that not help keep the speedway open aswell ?
  15. KEITH M

    Newcastle 2020

    I agree he has done his bit for Newcastle Speedway over the years but why single him out? In over 40 years of attending why not mention others who have done a lot ( if not more ) to keep Newcastle Speedway going .. Yes maybe his money input has helped but he did disappear off the scene and away from the speedway for a number of years(though he was still having an input) .. How often do you see him at an away meeting ? So yes maybe he deserves a mention but I can think of a lot more who do so also .

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