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  1. Binman

    Somerset 2020

    Yes the fans have paid for entertainment but don't own the club
  2. Binman

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Looked like Newcastle
  3. Binman

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Nice to see Vera at the Speedway tonight
  4. Binman

    Glasgow 2020

    Don't worry you have a NIL team
  5. Binman

    Whats actually going on?

    Northside learns the rider throttle control and respect for other riders
  6. Binman

    Redcar 2020

    Give a British youngster a chance job sorted
  7. Binman

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    Realy give some a chance they could prove you wrong isn't that's what it's about
  8. Binman

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    Winners and losers I just don't get this any more we will end up with some super stars riding in possibly 3 league's and some with no team place
  9. Binman


    Funny everybody loved going to Buxton and wants to go back so why was the place not packed out when they were running.
  10. Binman

    bandits 2020

    Talked with Kierans family today don't think he's there
  11. Binman

    bandits 2020

    Edinburghs Mason Watson and unattached Kieran Douglas riding in the qualifying round at Plymouth long journey good luck both
  12. Binman

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Duns Academy did it run last year ?
  13. Binman

    Newcastle 2020

    Kieran Douglas is from near Berwick looking at his NJL match results he can ride Necwstle ok .

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