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  1. 15 minutes ago, Beowulf said:

    I think we can safely rule out Pawlicki. As to Iversen, why would he ride for us as opposed to Kings Lynn ?  As for Thorssel and Masters there appears to a possibility that 1 of them won't be back.

    I hope it's neither. We have been too loyal to some riders over the years both reached their potential IMO.  

  2. 15 minutes ago, DC2 said:


    So Lindgren will come back instead of Thorssell?

    Doubt it, as he’s been quoted as saying he’s only doing Poland.

    Woffinden? Nope.

    So who’s coming in?

    Or have Wolves just blundered by signing Nicol instead of Nichols?

    Maybe CVS misheard Pete Adams?  :)


    The more I think about it the more I think the new number 1 will be Iversen. Wouldn't be overly disappointed with that. Would love Freddie though, would bring a few more through the gate every week

  3. Liking the team so far. However, and this maybe unpopular but I would like to see Masters and Thorsell both dropped and out and out number 1 signed. I think Masters has reached his potential and Jacob isn't good enough away from home. I know it's highly unlikely but I would like to see something like this:

    1 - F Lindgren ( Long shot I know)

    2 -  S Nicholls

    3 - N Morris

    4 - L Becker

    5 - R Schlien

    6 - R Douglas

    7 - B Nicoll


    Not sure how this works out averages wise. Depends on what assessed average Broc Nicoll would come in on.

  4. 1 hour ago, Call me wolfie said:

    So would I but the delay in naming the last 2 makes me think they are considering someone else

    Was thinking the same thing. Can't imagine it would of taken this long to do a deal with Jacob if they weren't looking at other options.

  5. First time poster - although the team looks solid we still lack an out and out no.1 which will could prove costly in tight meetings in heats 13 and 15. Jacob (assuming he signs)  Sam, and Rory are capable of stepping up but I would of liked to of seen a real dominant rider at No 1. Hard to attract to Britain these days I know.


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