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  1. Gringo

    berwick bandits 2021

    They are only opening 1 turnstile on Saturday night vs. Glasgow. You can almost guarantee there will be a delay to the start of the meeting.
  2. Gringo


    The Bulls are back playing at Odsal.
  3. Gringo

    Redcar 2020

    Just had another text from Eventgenius.
  4. NBJ & Coty missed practice last Saturday,are they available this week.
  5. Gringo

    Redcar 2020

    Just had a text from Eventgenius to say tickets are now on sale,but they are not as far as I can see.
  6. Gringo

    May 17th

    Berwick Rangers(Bandits) has a capacity of 4,099. According to Wiki.
  7. They are certainly dragging this out.
  8. Gringo

    Godfrey's 16

  9. Gringo

    Jason Garrity

    Will his transport breakdown on the way to the jail.
  10. Look at the forecast now. The BBC & MeteoGroup are rubbish.
  11. Berwick have announced on Facebook & website that there will be no crowd admitted on Wednesday.
  12. Charlie Webster was another one who didn't have a clue.

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