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  1. Given2Fly

    Would Scotland be better off outside the UK

    Port Glasgow in inverclyde and Greenock are the cheapest in the central belt, 2 bedroom flats sell from 8,000
  2. Given2Fly

    Would Scotland be better off outside the UK

    Pieman72 many of your countrymen/women have already moved up. in the area where I work and deliver to, many of the occupants of the houses are English. There was reports of white flight years ago in newspapers and I think the flight landed in Glasgow. As a Scotsman I welcome all the folk from down south who move up every one of them seem lovely.
  3. As humans we’re social to the core is this why so many are struggling throughout the lockdowns, depression and anxiety are on the increase which can lead to increased amounts of alcohol dependence. I worry for the future that a huge surge in liver related disease will come to the surface after the Covid scam is gone.
  4. Given2Fly

    'the Donald' Trump

    I’m sure his point is controlled Media
  5. https://videobanned.nl/aiovg_videos/caroline-reveals-the-contents-of-2-secret-zoom-meetings-from-may-2020-11-11-2020/?unapproved=41&moderation-hash=7ddcb63ffaa7951318c29ca882b49f1b#comment-41
  6. Given2Fly

    'the Donald' Trump

    What’s your name all about? Toto....moron or numbskull which one are you.
  7. Given2Fly


    What’s the definition of trust? letting a cannibal give you a blowjob
  8. Given2Fly

    Buying a new TV. Which way to go?

    IVe had a Panasonic for 12 years and it’s still going strong. As a brand I’d say they are pretty solid.
  9. Given2Fly

    World Snooker prediction competition 2020

    I would love SH to win the lot again.
  10. Given2Fly

    USA a country in a real mess !!

    Biden will choose Michelle Obama as his VP
  11. Given2Fly

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    I thinking Ipswich will give the aces a good close meeting. Maybe even a shock away win. Can’t wait to watch this one.

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