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  1. KingOfTheNorth

    Edinburgh 2021

    I disagree, West Lothian and the surrounding areas are massive, and unlike the city doesn't have many other "big" sporting competition. (Sorry Livi and Rose fans) Hibs, Hearts, Edinburgh Rugby along with all the other activities you can do on a Friday night. The problem is after 21 years the club, in my opinion, still don't want to recognise themselves as a West Lothian club, and do not embrace the locals. The official supporters bus, still refuses to have a pick up point in West Lothian for away meetings, so if you're in West Lothian you need to get yourself home (25-30 miles) in the middle of the night. We should be doing everything possible to attract people of West Lothian, and its time to ditch the "we are an Edinburgh club, just here till we find somewhere else" attitude.
  2. Before this weekend I would have agreed with that statement, but I think this weekends fixtures has shown a glimpse of the William Lawson that we hoped we were signing. Now that the pressure is somewhat off for the remainder of the season, if he continues scoring and popping up in big heats with a 5-1 then I think we need to give him the season to get him in good shape for next year. and talking of good shape, I saw him in the bar after Fridays meeting and the difference from the start of the season is incredible. BUT!!! Young Coles is an entertainer and with a season with nothing riding on it, is the kind of rider fans will still come to watch, and Luke was impressing before his injury. Definitely a tough call for the promotion.
  3. Will be very close on aggregate, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the aggregate win comes down to the last heat of this meeting. Monarchs have riders more than capable of winning races around Brough Park, and even if not that, filling in the minor places to keep the score tight. This tie really has got the old cup feel about it, waking up with the butterfly’s in the stomach, trying to predict where we can get an advantage, praying that Fridays performance was the turning point for Oor Wullie. But I will tell you this, don’t ask why I’ve turned into Rab C Nisbett there, it has been a good few years since I planned an evening around watching the Speedway updates. Roll on tonight, and I hope everyone leaves the stadium having been entertained and if not entirely happy with the result, at least leaving knowing their team gave it their all.
  4. KingOfTheNorth

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Apologies, the sentence “But Max “moved” (according to Darren H)” led me to believe you thought otherwise. Anyhoo, Fridays meeting is done and I hope both teams put on just as good a meeting this evening than they did on Friday.
  5. KingOfTheNorth

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    I was in Hospitality looking right down on them entering the 3rd bend. Phillips wiped him out, nothing intentional just went into corner with to much speed. I was also on centre green for heat 12 and was videoing the heat in question. Video clearly shows Clegg moving before tapes went up. If I knew how to post a video on here I would. A thoroughly enjoyable meeting though, and I can not recommend the hospitality at Armadale enough. Some fantastic racing and hopefully William Lawson can take some confidence from last nights performance. Is going to be a very tight 2nd leg I think, with it possibly going to a last heat decider to see who makes the final. Wish I was going but unfortunately I didn’t win the Monarchs Trust big summer raffle last night (A huge well done to all for the amount raised for the club) so my wallet says I can’t.
  6. Oh come on Mr Blobby, we have been embarrassed enough this weekend, don’t make it worse with posts like that. The kid is having a laugh on social media, like it or not, that is the way the youth of today express themselves. This is just this generations way of doing what riders like Brett Saunders, Ryan Fisher and even Craig Cook, when he rode for Edinburgh, did post match or on victory laps etc to wind up Glasgow fans. At the end of the day, both teams have had riders that just wind up the other set of fans, but it is also those riders that we need to bring that extra bit of spice to these meetings. If he has been banned, I think that’s quite sad!

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