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  1. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hi, last friday I posted that due to several reasons, I would not be attending any matches this coming year, fair enough about talking to people not in my bubble but due to my medication for my Type 2 Diabetes as well two other tablets I have take to lesson the chances of a heart attack or stroke means I feel the cold more and more. Even if I sat inside the Main Stand at Brough Park would probable not be warm enough to keep my overall body temperature up and so later on in bed would feel cold and not get a good nights sleep after a meeting. This problem was highlighted when on Tuesday for the first time in months, I took my car out for an extended run and drove up the North Road and ended up on Holy Island, I had no intention of staying for more than 10 mins before turning the car round and heading home, I enjoyed the trip fully but felt a little tired when I got back inside my flat. So went to have a lie down but even the short while I was in the fresh air had chilled my body temperature down and it wasn't eased until last night when I had a chance to have along soak lying full length in the Cast Iron Bath which was fitted in my 1933 Downstairs Flat and have used it ever since since I was born in 1946.
  2. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    In reply to THJ, I went to every home meeting on my own and always stood outside, at the start in 1964 near the Tote Display on the 3rd/4th Bend then when that was demolished stood under the Back Straight Stand Canopy near the exit to turn 2 , finally when that was closed and also demolished moved to under the Main Stand Canopy just up from the exit to the 4th bend. On entering the stadium I chatted with people anywhere on the outside terracing but near the start time I moved along to my normal spot and met up with a small group of people and we discussed most things about speedway, I never socialised with this group away from speedway and so could never be in their household bubble. This would mean following the spacing rules to the letter, I would have to stand on my own the whole time and not converse with any one through out the meeting, to me speedway was always a chance to chat with people from all over the country and discuss everything about the sport we all love to watch.
  3. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hi, as the season is fast approaching, I wish say that I hope everything goes well throughout year for the new owner, unfortunately I will not be attending any meetings as standing outside for an hour or so like I used to means that I feel the cold more as each year passes. Using the link I posted the other day and clicking on the booking link the only ticket that are still available are for the Main Terrace in front of the covered stand so this area could be affected by any wind blowing and if wind-chill steps in it would make it worse for me.
  4. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BAVF is still active
  5. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hi, just got back from having my second jab and as with the first one, I got no adverse reaction, by the way I'm 74 at the present time.
  6. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Looking at the history record of Magnus Zetterstrom, he only rode for Somerset in 2005, 2006 and 2007 before departing GB and returning in 2013 to ride for Belle Vue
  7. scampispeedway

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    As Somerset has withdrawn from the league in 2021, will they be allowed to run the Championship Pairs this year as they have no Track Licence.
  8. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Despite my age (74) I do have a computer and wouldn't be without it, unfortunately there are many who don't and wouldn't know how to use one. I am not into Facebook and Twitter and my mobile is just that a phone and not connected to the Internet but I carry it around when out with the car so if I breakdown I can call for help.
  9. scampispeedway

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    With regards to limited crowds, what parameters would you set for admittance, I would not be best pleased if I had taken time off work and driven several miles to support my team as I used to do wherever Newcastle were riding away from Brough Park and be told "Sorry we cannot allow you into the Stadium. Promoters were glad for the extra supporters from other tracks who went because they knew Newcastle were an entertaining Team and would give the home team a run for their money.
  10. scampispeedway

    Newcastle 2020

    I was at that meeting and I think that this was Martin Scarisbrick's first ride of the day and later on I learnt that Dave Younghusband Newcastle's Team Manager gave him the best advice in the circumstances, ride like you go round the old Belle Vue track at Hyde Road which was his home base i.e. go as fast as can and don't shut off at any time.
  11. scampispeedway

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Hi East End Fan, Foxhall Heath where Ipswich Race is in an area east of Ipswich Centre but as the second part of its name it is a large open grassland area and you need to travel quite a way through this to get to stadium when driving from the main road. When entering the stadium itself the track is at the bottom of a hollowed out area and so the sound of the Speedway bikes and Banger cars are contained as much as possible so keeping the area fairly quiet for people walking nearby heath land.
  12. scampispeedway

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Talking a fun in Speedway, on one of my early trips to Eastbourne, I saw some Newcastle fans presenting Dave Lanning who was introducing the riders a box of Trill for his Budgies.
  13. scampispeedway

    Newcastle 2020

    Hi THJ, reading your last post is clearly stating Newcastle's problems in getting riders to come to Brough Park, up to now established tracks like Glasgow still need 1 rider, Poole 4 riders and Redcar 5 riders to complete their teams so I will await with interest who we end up with.
  14. scampispeedway

    Newcastle 2020

    Reading the Grant Farm website again, it does say that 2 years ago Rob jnr. moved to Crescent Farm post code NE15 9RE which near Throckley.
  15. scampispeedway

    Newcastle 2020

    Just done a search for the farm and it is in Prudhoe which is 15 miles from Newcastle

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