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  1. Ringitsneck

    Why speedway is failing

    Interesting comments on the pay scales and Workington was a class example of a winning team , with possibly excessive wages, killing the club off when the crowds didn’t match the results. From my travels this season so far your right on the crowd levels, I would think the average around the northern clubs is about 5-600 level currently, some slightly more , some less but I think that’s the average.
  2. Decent meeting with the right winner for once using the semi final & finals format, you can’t argue with unbeaten all night ! It appeared to be a good sized crowd and the track prep was spot on with no dust despite the heat. Took a long time to get it all done but I’m told that was because of an enforced break before the semis to issue / fit new tyres ? Good to see ‘ our Archie ‘ in there and not looking out of place and most of the field can still have a few cracks at this title in the future. Thought the ref was wrong on more than one occasion. Heat 10, Kemp lifts on turn 2 and interfered with Mulford who had to bail out , big time !, yet Mulford excluded ? Harsh on Ablitt too when it should have been all four back for a classic ‘ first bend bunching ‘ but then I’ve never rated the Mussolini of the refs society. Well done Redcar , once again, for staging this type of meeting.
  3. Ringitsneck

    Why speedway is failing

    Interested parties details were obtained at a major moto x show., hundreds signed up. A day was set aside , bikes and kit supplied at Scunthorpe , and all the names were contacted, less than six took up the offer. As for “ go out of there way “ or “ take the mountain to Mohammed “, where are you going to stage a speedway demonstration but at a speedway track ?!?
  4. Ringitsneck

    Why speedway is failing

    What do think is piled in the corner at the back of Redcars pits ? It’s shale, red shale ! Oil isn’t allowed for environmental reasons wether we like it or not. As for recruitment drive, been tried from moto X , hundreds signed up, only a few turned up for the free trial , it was so poor the scheme was abandoned. As for Grasstrack, that is also virtually a dead sport compared to the 70’ 80’s. You’ll be lucky to see six meetings staged in the north these days and 70% of the entries are Moto x bikes . But I do agree about slowing the bikes down.
  5. Not sure why your having problems as I’ve just booked 2 and the club provide a telephone number to ring to arrange tickets at the gate. What more can they do ?
  6. Ringitsneck

    Is anyone losing interest

    ‘ is anyone losing interest ‘ asks the title ?, well no as you ask. I find the ‘ sport ‘ fascinating now as individual promoters find their own interpretation of the rules ( are there any now ?). Having seen Poole’s and now Birmingham’s line ups for there next matches I am constantly entertained. A facility granted for a rider who hasn’t ridden for you when that was against the rules but now isn’t ?. A guest for an ‘ injured ‘ rider ( injured in this country allegedly )who is now riding in his own country but not here ? I used to think I understood most of the rules but not any more. I don’t think we can call speedway a sport for much longer as sports have rules, not guidelines to be used to increase an advantage for some but not all.
  7. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    As a neutral ( but a season ticket holder too ) it’s a shame to see the Bears having such bad luck. On paper the team looked fantastic but they hadnt really clicked all at once and now injuries are ripping the team apart. Due to having such a good race track ( and benefitting from our hasty decision to part with a great track curator ) with no real home advantage you had a team of ‘ racers ‘ but , as Eastbourne proved, you need to have some gaters as well. Losing Stewart weakened the team ( R/R not really getting the expected points ) but losing two good young prospects at reserve will be almost impossible to cover with a Friday night race night. Not sure on the rules for covering their absence but Blair would be a consideration ( is he a “rising star “ ? ). Thought Serjeant was unlucky on Friday, in point scoring positions in his races just lacked top end speed and I think he’s worth his place as teams are too quick to dump riders and I dont see Redcar being like that . I hope the Bears do pick up and make the play offs. I bought my season ticket based on the quality of the racing at the STMP over the passed few years once Terry the Track was brought in and I haven’t regretted a penny of it. Wish I could say the same about my own team but hopefully things will pick up there too.
  8. Ringitsneck


    So you didn’t read the next days release which blamed the Redcar riders and promotion for the delays ? The one that Redcar objected too and responded too rather strongly ? Seems you have selective recall just like the promotion.
  9. Ringitsneck

    Brummies Season Halted |

    But that’s called pre planning, not what Birmingham have done taking 48 hours after England qualified to call it off .
  10. Ringitsneck


    The point being made is that the first leg, at B’Ham, was a complete shambles due to the promoters lack of planning, no prior track preparation, inadequate equipment and the fiasco of COVID preparation with fans from both sides being sold seats at the same table !?! Now throw in even more poor planning when the Euro fixtures were always a bone of contention and even after England got through it took Birmingham over 48 hours to decide to postpone the fixture . Riss being injured having anything to do with this ? Yes, any team can pull off a victory but the B’Ham promotion have been found seriously wanting and showed no humility or respect with their press releases blaming Redcar at every opportunity.
  11. Ringitsneck

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Isn’t there a cut off date for cup matches ? it’s a farce.
  12. Ringitsneck

    Brummies Season Halted |

    This is why the sport is dying, bad promoting !
  13. Ringitsneck


    Why have Birmingham waited this long ?, this was foreseen by everybody and should have been done as soon as England won ! Thats besides that it should have been awarded to Redcar in the first place.
  14. Just be happy with home wins personally .
  15. Ringitsneck

    Redcar v Eastbourne 2/7/21

    Good meeting despite the wet conditions. Eagles deserved the win, solid all the way through and much sharper from the gate early on when it counted the most. Kemp was the star but he’s ridden Redcar a lot recently and it showed. Newman was the surprise for me , a little lucky not to get excluded early doors ( 1st bend incident in the 2 nd bend ? ) but he was unusually aggressive which got him the rewards. Bears bike issues and falls really cost them in the end ( 3 of each ) but they are a team of racers not really known for their gating and in wet conditions that cost them. Allen had one superb ride from last to first and how the crowd reacted to it but then he was badly off the pace , very strange. Never seen Wright on his backside so much ( not his fault ) but he recovered well despite them taking a grinder to his bike ! Good to see a decent size crowd and a full 6 heat second half provided when the rain would normally prevent such things. Redcar certainly show a few clubs how it can be done , with a little effort and positivity.

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