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  1. Ringitsneck


    With your estimated crowd figure and the rumoured cost of rent you expect the ‘ promoter ‘ to pay his running costs including riders wages, ref, maintenance costs and staff out off around £3,000 of left over income and still have a profit with no extra coming from food or drink outlets ? Think again....
  2. Ringitsneck


    Whilst I agree with your Cardiff and Warsaw comments Wembley would not lend itself to a good speedway venue. Poor location for fans , doubt they would even consider putting a track in ( even a temporary one ) and I doubt very much that there are 55k + speedway fans left in the UK these days and don’t expect travelling fans this year at any venue. And before anyone points out this is an Odsal thread.......there isn’t and won’t be any speedway there for the foreseeable future, GP., individual or otherwise.
  3. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    They did but gave that up in the pre COVID exodus. Stewart is now back in the UK ( Allen isn’t ) and has shared accommodation with another rider.
  4. Ringitsneck

    BERWICK v ARMADALE (May 1st, 7pm) NDL

    Certainly Bullets top three are strong but having seen all 14 in practice sessions recently , Phillips and Greaves will go well, Rothery could be the strongest reserve of the four and Woolley should be amongst the points but home track advantage will assist the less experienced for a comfortable home win.
  5. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    From what I know Redcar are no different. Whilst they have massively changed for the better since the dark Havelock days they still operate on a budget and riders don’t get paid over the top rates. Having spoken to many riders who have ridden for them since 2017 they say they ride there for less money than they could get elsewhere, because it’s a good ,safe, track,with no unnecessary pressure applied and even in the Havvy days, they get paid on time. Riders ride best when there happy !
  6. Ringitsneck

    Sheffield 2020

    That would mean a change in the rule book and is not likely to happen. It’s no different to the old ‘ broke down en route ‘ fiasco certain riders and promoters have used in the past for absent riders. They sign a contract to say they will be available ( unless injured ) the travel issues are the riders concern .
  7. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle "BTS" Gems 2021

    Interesting listening to all the N.L. Riders ( new and experienced ) chatting in the pits at the weekend. It appears not much notice being taken of cutback style pay rates for this season at some clubs. New riders being offered more than there more established team mates, ( that doesn’t make harmony in a team ) , some clubs not paying travelling expenses , was never much anyway but with a new northern bias there’s now some expensive trips to be made. Just goes to show that it’s not a level playing field even at the bottom of the ladder. Gems lads who took part looked sharp, Alcock unrecognisable in red, Archie good in parts ,shame about the fall ( chain induced ), Dugard fast at times, Danny a little rusty from the gate. Those new Anlas tyres lasting 3 rides didn’t go down well and that was at N.L. level. Looking forward to the season getting under way properly now.
  8. Ringitsneck

    Breakaway League

    No malice intended, just a phrase. So I.O.W. Not involved in this ‘break away ‘ league ?
  9. Ringitsneck

    Breakaway League

    Whilst I’m not against this idea I’m just wondering how any of this can progress when it appears only one or two existing tracks are involved. We appear to have the rebellious Isle of Wight and a non league track ( is it two ? ). That is hardly a ‘ league ‘. There is a shortage of riders at the moment so are these ‘ clubs ‘ to use other official leagues riders ? or is it just unattached and probably therefore ‘ junior/novice ‘ riders ?
  10. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    Having been fortunate enough to be there ( on the tools ) I can say it was a very good day with some top class racing in all classes even after the track, inevitably after 70 plus races, went slick. Whilst the pits and parking was a little chaotic, to be expected, everyone enjoyed being back racing and from what I’ve seen of the ‘ live stream ‘ it was a good first effort , especially as it was FREE and Redcar should be congratulated for giving it a go. As for the Official Website coverage , they don’t give Scunthorpe meetings any coverage either so this was to be expected but still disappointing when there is nothing else for them to report on. The fact that a 30 odd year old upright engine saw off some very expensive new lay downs should at least warrant a few words in next weeks Star.
  11. Ringitsneck


    That’s a completely different organisation and the FIM would have to grant it a licence .
  12. Ringitsneck

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    That’s stupid, you may as well say they pay for his bacon sandwich and tins of red bull ! Now back to the Skunny thread.
  13. Ringitsneck


    As they don’t have a promoter or hold a track licence , how do you think this will happen ?
  14. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    Why? BWD appears to be demanding unbelievable wages as he knows he’s in demand, Redcar are not famous for splashing cash on riders. Jack Smith left under a cloud, so did Perks. Plenty of twists and turns yet to come as Andersen cannot be the only non UK rider denied a work permit.
  15. Ringitsneck

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    As Redcar are now two riders short , it might well come down to six man teams as I can’t see the new visa stance only affecting Andersen, a few other non UK based riders might be worrying now.

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