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  1. Lionspride

    Leicester Lions 2021

    So its quite clear changes are needed at Leicester if we want to compete for the play offs . Maybe an unpopular opinion but Dan & Joe have not been the same this season , last season they dominated in the NDL but this season they are nowhere near that, in the past around BP they would wipe the floor with the over rated Flint & Bickley but not last sunday. Josh Bates has to go , he is well off the pace . Not making starts & there is no sign of improvement . The options are so limited though. The only people I can see out there are Nicolas Porsing or the return of baby Bjerre . If we look at making 2 changes (Bates & Proctor) then do we go with someone like Krystian Pieszczek & then a 5 point rider at no 2 like Young Scandinavian with room for improvement? I think it would be harsh to sack Proctor though because for Leicester he has done well in 2 of the 3 lions meetings. 6+1 & 5+2 . Thats what you expect from the number 2 berth. What he does for Kings Lynn where he has been poor shouldn’t effect his spot at Leicester . Would love to hear fellow Lions fans thoughts on the team situation.
  2. Lionspride

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Whist I think £26 is steep (but I will happily pay it ) the 2 cubs meetings have been really good close meetings with plenty of action & 100% effort from riders. Yes they are not at 1st team level but you only need 2 equal sides to have a close fought meeting . The cubs have some exciting young riders like Ben Trigger who I think could go along way & also (if fit) Mickie Simpson making his home debut who I have been impressed with in Youth meetings .When you look at it your in theory getting the NDL match for £9 instead of £13 with top young riders in it J & D Thompson , Leon Flint , Kyle Bickley , Joe Lawlor & Ben Trigger . Yes you get Kai Ward who is new to the sport but it was amazing to see his improvement in just 2 weeks. Give it ago I think you will be pleasantly surprised by it. I will be there to support Lions & the young cubs .
  3. LEICESTER: 1.Nick Morris 2.Ty Proctor 3.Kyle Howarth 4.Josh Bates 5.Ryan Douglas 6. Dan Thompson 7. Joe Thompson EDINBURGH: 1. Sam Masters 2.Nathan Greaves 3.Kye Thomson 4.Josh Pickering 5.Richie Worrall 6.Joe Lawlor 7.William Lawson I think this could be a really close meeting with some track specialists in the Edinburgh side but ultimately I think Leicester will have enough in the lower order to take the match by 4 points I am going for 47-43.
  4. Lionspride

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Are we poaching rider’s from other clubs or are we just saying these riders are assets? Ben Trigger is former mascot of Plymouth & Mickie Simpson a former Mascot of Peterborough both their home town clubs & were lined up to sign deals with them but suddenly they are Leicester assets ? Not that I am complaining & its great for the future of our clubs when you look at our assets under the age of 18 Dan , Joe , Ben Trigger, Mickie Simpson, Max James , Kai Ward & i hear 2 or 3 more have been offered deals from the training schools that have been running over the winter, Its credit to Stewart & Karen Hudson for getting the sessions on & spotting the talent
  5. Surely at his age he had his vaccination months ago ??? Joking aside I hope he is feeling better soon.
  6. Lionspride

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    When was that announced ? I didn’t hear anything & David Howard said before the meeting they will use the facility for the full 28 days then look at their options . I must say Ben Trigger looked neat & composed on a bike last night .
  7. Lionspride

    Leicester Lions 2021

    There will be no live streaming of matches anywhere because you can now attend the meeting.
  8. Lionspride

    Leicester Lions 2021

    I am sure I have read somewhere that ticket sales will be suspended at Noon on the day of the match to allow the club to organise the stadium into Covid secure sections with the right amount of people in each area to allow social distancing. I can see this causing some issues because some people always want to view from the same area but if that area is full they will complain they have watched speedway from day 1 in that area. I personally like to watch a few races from each different area but I will be trying to get into the bend 3 area if I can & allowing they open the full stadium for NDL matches.
  9. Lionspride

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Cubs have lost Halder , broken ankle in a fall at home
  10. Lionspride

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    My understanding is slightly different in that each team must have a minimum of 1 rising star in their team & it states nowhere that if you wanted to sign a different rising star they have to replace your current rising star. So let’s use Palin as an example if he rose to get a 6.00average he moves into the team. Palin then gets injured (hopefully not) I understand Scunthorpe COULD replace Palin with a 6.00 rider but they would then have to release someone else lower down the averages to bring in the compulsory rising star. I hope that makes sense .
  11. It was a tongue in cheek joke because the Panthers team is full of OAP’s in speedway terms 5 of the 7 are 39 or over.
  12. Sorry these spaces have now been renamed O.A.P parking & 5 of the 7 Panthers has spots reserved every week.
  13. Lionspride

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler? If you think we're on the run We are the boys who will stop your little game We are the boys who will make you think again” Poor young Jordan Palin is going to walk into that changing room & be hit with the smell of Deep Heat & Werther’s original while tripping over Bjarne Pedersen & Scott Nicholls zimmer frames. Joking aside despite having a team with a combined age of over 250 I think they will be solid throughout & competitive at home.
  14. Lionspride

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Tom Spencer complete’s the cubs team . Although the strength of the league is a-lot weaker it will be good to see some up & coming rider’s race in an organised team event. I standby my view that they are not strong enough but look forward to supporting them i just hope they don’t try to charge £13 for racing at this level. One comment on the website made me think Did the messiah & NDL guru Dave Howard build the team or was he given the team by the promotion ? “ I’m sure they will all improve over the season, and now it’s up to Dave Howard (manager) as to how he arranges the team “ Surely if Dave built the team he would build it knowing who he wants in which riding number ? I just found it to be a very strange comment .
  15. Lionspride

    Championship League Predictions

    How many season’s is it now that the brothers have thrown money at riders to join mid season or tried to manipulate things to their advantage like the convenient “ raining off the play off final 1st leg “ when the weather was damp at worst . remind me how that worked out for you again ......

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