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  1. Ryan555

    Scunthorpe vs Poole 30.07.2021

    Yeah would be nice to see that to be honest because the Eddie Wright seems to have eluded him so far
  2. Ryan555

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe 24/7

    Oh dear that’s less than ideal my optimism has been slashed
  3. Ryan555

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Well the mismatched sides comment aged well !
  4. UP THE SCORPIONS! What a win
  5. Must say think the choice of guests takes this one away from the scorpions sadly
  6. I do recall Scunthorpe beating Redcar narrowly away fairly recently when Redcar had to call on a NL guest to replace Riss I think
  7. Yeah real shame Pijper and Aarnio lethal at home struggle away
  8. Yeah he showed more pace than his 1 point and agree more chance of him scoring than hurry
  9. Yeah he looked very slow and yes my mum turned to me and said he looks a bit hefty for a speedway rider !!!
  10. Yeah can’t say how happy I am for Josh to come half way around the world to struggle must be so hard. He looked so much better calmer and smoother on the bike tonight also huge well done to Tero talk of riders who deserve a prem spot he’s a man that does in my opinion he was really getting the crowd going tonight and he loved stuffing Nichols twice one of the first times I’ve head a rider yelling over the noise of the crowd and the bikes !
  11. Also important to remember Jake Knight is riding and while deserves a go at reserve at 2 it’s not going to be easy for the lad
  12. We have Danny King as guest at 1 so think that’s a bit harsh. Also I think you should just remember the score in the away leg of the cup wasnt actually that bad
  13. Yeah we need that grippy outside line that wasn’t there last week
  14. Yeah see what you mean if we hang on we could get a huge reserve or a rider good enough to push Simon to reserve
  15. Couldn’t we bring Kinsley in now because as a team we currently average 39.50 Macdonald averages 4.00 and Kinsley is 3.19 which means we are below the 39.00 team average required if you have a 1* ( Jordan )

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