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  1. rick69

    is putoline R any good in a laydown

    Many thanks you two putoline it is as i use it on other bikes and can get it trade
  2. Hi as title for those who know me im a 2 stroke mad grasser run all them on putoline R so have it in boxes will it be okto run a speedway laydown on it or is t to thin i wont be that fast to be honest if putoline is no good what would be a good option many thanks
  3. rick69

    New Rider Help

    Hi i want to have another play at speedway i use to ride with the southern track riders about 30 years ago but i am strugling to find any info for pratice tracks iwade looks to be closed lydd dont seem to have any changes on there site since 2018 scunthorpe are a go andposs IOW but the main thing i realy need help with is the bike i have a tight budget aroung the £1200 mark dont want a SCB lience so play only with the odd amerter meeting but what would be the best bike to get upright or laydown just for use a laydown is the cheapest by far but dont want to go dirt deflector unless i have to or restore an upright its mainly making sure i get the right bike to have as many rides as possible the upright will do that but with the laydown would i find myself with youngsters as above im 60 and wont set the world on fire just want fun many thanks richard

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