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  1. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    I see heat 13 of this match is on the BSPA website. Why not show heat 9 which was much better?
  2. Siggytastic

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    They got my applause as well. The Kings Lynn team walked around the stadium on the stock car track. Can't remember seeing it at Foxhall before. The phantom stone thrower would have had easy target's.
  3. Siggytastic

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    One of the strangest victory parades I have seen.
  4. Siggytastic

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    Is anyone aware of people being turned away because the 2000 limit had been met as the attendance looked like it exceeded 2000.
  5. Siggytastic

    Ipswich 2020

    Got our tickets last night. Email received straight away. Would hate to turn up and the 2000 limit already met (unlikely I know but possible with it being the first one after so long).
  6. Siggytastic


    Arrived home from work and still no SS
  7. I ordered a ticket at 1.13 the Tuesday lunchtime and just got a refund from paypal.
  8. Cheers, when did you order yours?
  9. I ordered my ticket Tuesday lunchtime and paid by Paypal. They asked for contact details so after my name I put my mobile number as I couldn't see a field for my email or phone number. I was just wondering if the people that has had their tickets confirmed could tell me if they did something similar?
  10. Siggytastic

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    What about those whose places of work are closed and are unlikely to open for several months through no fault of their own?
  11. I am hoping someone can help. Does anybody know how many are in a complete set and who the riders are please? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IPSWICH-WITCHES-SPEEDWAY-GREATS-SET-OF-9-SANDERS-RICKARDSSON-ETC/383492724907?hash=item5949f298ab:g:kn4AAOSwKtVeiNs
  12. Siggytastic


    Would have been nice have seen what r/r averaged over the season but thoughly enjoying the star that I am receiving at the moment.
  13. Siggytastic

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Not many employers let their employees go work for rival companies!!
  14. Siggytastic

    Private Pensions

    All you have to do judge correctly when that knife has landed. Simples!!

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