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  1. RobMcCaffery

    Polish and other Speedway videos 2021

    Available on the British Speedway Forum Player, a steal at £9.99 per month. (Provide own commentary).
  2. It may sound odd but they may not be showing the SGP. Eurosport is more than a couple of TV channels and a dodgy app/player since it was taken over by Discovery. Another part of Eurosport called Eurosport Events is taking over the running of the events from BSI. However BSI had lucrative deals for TV coverage with the likes of NSport/Canal Plus in Poland and may decide it's more profitable to keep selling the rights to third parties. We can but hope. BT still have the SGP/SoN this year so we have a season's grace. But yes, you cannot rely on Eurosport................
  3. Final: Madsen, Pawlicki, Bewley. Overall scores - Pawlicki 15, Michelsen 14, Madsen 13, Tarasienko, Dudek, Bewley 11.
  4. You need to use an ad-blocker and they're pretty easy to use. You just set them up and forget about them. There are many forms. I use a Chrome browser extension called uBlock Origin. Look it up online, but there are many alternatives. On phones and tablets you can get browsers with adblck built-in. All you see of the ads is an occasional x. I have absolutely no problems with pop-ups. If you or anyone else need help, just ask.
  5. Right, got to watch the blood pressure - back to the needlepoint and crochet.....Apologies for the rant but it was only so long before Eurosport's plastic smile melted.
  6. Another classic from these shysters on Farcebook. A Swindon fan complained about the lack of weekly coverage of British speedway. Get this one - they're blaming Covid and that they do not have clearance to use all six venues, despite having used three with a fourth one to come..Incidentally WSB and tennis fans are livid about similar treatment forcing them to subscribe to the Eurosport Player or App. It's not just us. Here's their latest insult to the intelligence. It closed with a link to the page where they could subscribe tom the Eurosport Player. which somehow I've omitted, but it is available on RMC Player, a snip at just £19.99 a month ;-) Hi Dave, first of all I would like to say that I completely understand your need to get this clarified, but at the moment, due to the ongoing restrictions we are still waiting for confirmation on whether live broadcasts from the venues will be possible. In this case, please keep bookmark our schedule and keep an eye out for updates
  7. Interesting to see Eurosport trying to push their app on Farcebook. Response is fans of several sports including ours telling them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and they're not paying more for their sub-standard and unreliable coverage. It's not just us.
  8. Under the present system, unlike Sky Sports, BT Sport and Premier Sports there is no extra charge for Eurosport which is included in most pay-TV basic bundles. It means that they are one of many hungry mouths taking a small share of Virgin or Sky subscriptions. One way to increase revenue is to encourage the sale of subscriptions to their Eurosport Player. I see various charges and offer s mentioned but £6.99 a month seems to be the most commonplace charge. So, how to encourage sales? Transfer programming from the main channel to the Player and that would seem to be at the root of this latest fiasco. It was perhaps understandable on a busy Saturday night to shift the speedway onto a 'Bonus' (sic) channel but clearly not on Wednesday where the refusal to move recorded programming is clearly a product of greed or stupidity. Ah yes, 'bonus' channels. These come normally as part of the regular subscription prices. In BT's case you pay for four channels and get a varying number of 'bonus' channels according to need, say busy European football nights. Hence they are a bonus. Requiring an additional subscription to watch such channels makes the name 'bonus' ironic at best. To call the Player extra channels 'bonus' is shifty management speak \at its worst. Next they'll say we have a wonderful opportunity to pay for Eurosport Player. Most people subscribed to Eurosport don't know they do. They pay Sky or Virgin for a bundle of channels, most of which include Eurosport and few know or care. It's a long way from Eurosport's origins as a joint venture between Sky and Eurovision in 1989 when it was Sky's only sport channel. Yes, Eurovision, the alliance of European state broadcasters is more than a ridiculous song contest. Still, we've got all those wonderful superbikes to watch. I'd meant to stick to basic facts in this forum and keep opinion out after painful experience outside the international section. Only Eurosport could have sabotaged that. Back to the basics of what to see and when now....
  9. My Virgin Media subscription includes Eurosport. It's not priced separately as with BT Sport but a proportion of my sub goes to Eurosport monthly.
  10. And after this season we're going to be relying on this shower to provide all British matches plus the SGP and SON. They can't eve be trusted to show the SEC! Their schedule for Wednesday - Channel 1 - 1800 - Look back at 2012 Olympics, followed by recoded highlights of Italian cycling. Channel 2 - 1800 - Recorded highlights of the shooting world cup followed by recorded highlights of the French Open tennis. It's clear that they are trying to prise extra payments from existing subscribers by way of forcing then to take 0ut an extra sub to their wretched Eurosport Player. With their appalling record regarding highlights - just showing the final hour uncut despite their pious promises I can see serious problems ahead. Now they've got their hands on the Premiership Abi was repeatedly telling us about all the lovely motorcycle racing that we are obviously desperate to watch. They simply do not get it that speedway is very much apart from other motorsports with a very distinct audience. Forget Superbikes, I want to see all the speedway events that they are signed up to. Still, they gave the BSPL and the FIM nice cheques (okay bank transfers) so s*d the fans...... Their past record has shown they are not a safe pair of hands. I, like many, were hoping they'd changed. They clearly haven't, and extra talking at Premiership meetings does nothing to paper over the yawning cracks.
  11. RobMcCaffery

    Swedish Legal Streaming Changes

    I've had confirmation from Sweden. Existing ESS Play customers need to cancel their subscriptions then they should be able to use the same logins to sign up with Fanseat. You must make sure you've cancelled the old account first. It's all linked to your email address and it won't allow two accounts to be running. Whether you're an existing customer or newcomer the website for signing up is: https://www.fanseat.com/speedway IGNORE ALL MENTIONS OF PREMIERSHIP IF YOU'RE UK-BASED. We get live and on-demand coverage of all Swedish and French league matches. The monthly cost is Euro 9.99, less than £9 for up to 16 mzatches. The commentary is in Swedish but they are promising English graphics. Coverage is in HD but just single camera on matches that aren't being shown on Premier or Freesports. The new price, almost half the ESS Play sub is a real bargain and can e cancelled at any time. I've had superb support in English from them - it's a very professional and LEGAL service, fully supported by the ESS, Sweden's equivalent of the BSPL. Rob.
  12. Both Eurosport channels appear to be showing recorded programming at 6pm Wednesday so there's hope.

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