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  1. I disagree...Bartosz overdid in leaning on his team mate and caused this crash.Should be out in the re-run
  2. There is difference of opinion between two commentators, Tomasz Gollob in the studio and Miroslaw Jablonski at the track(both ex riders). Gollob saw Kenneth fault and Jablonski did not.
  3. If you look again you will see that it was Zmarzlik who started "showing off" towards Janowski, who just resonded with the same action leading to exchange of words at the pits gate. Nevertheless he (Janowski) should not have leave victory rostrum prematurly.
  4. Not a rumours...its true
  5. On the other hand....This is what Bartosh Zmarzlik, double world speedway champion wrote today on his social media site. Tears, joy, happiness - this is how I felt when I entered the finish line in Toruń, in the final round of the Grand Prix in 2019 It was then, for the first time, that I won the title of the Individual World Champion Now, for the auction for Nina, I am presenting something extremely important to me, which I dreamed about since I was a child and which I was striving for step by step - it is a gold medal for winning the world championship I decided to pass the medal on the auction to help Nina, who is at the start of her life and also has her dreams. Let us help her (on https://www.siepomaga.pl/en/nina) so that she has a chance to fulfill them
  6. Wroclaw's win was fully deserved. Leszno's dominance ended last year with Smektala and Kubera moving elsewhere as over 21. They come back with Ratajczak having more experience, after all he is only 16. He remembers Leigh Adams last race for Leszno in 2011. He was then 5 years old.
  7. All I can say is that Magic's exploits ignited anew my interest in speedway.
  8. Are you suggesting that Magic fell on his own, without being pushed by Kubera.
  9. try this one - no sound https://daddylive.me/embed/stream-71.php
  10. Who said that Leszno does not have juniors ...Ratajczak's show so far. RR was right picking him out from up and coming young Poles.

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