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  1. Mimmo

    Stars v Lions 1st July

    I can assure you there were hailstones at about 5pm. I entered the stadium at 5.43 and the track was waterlogged. The rain then eased for around 10-minutes before it started to rain again quite steadily. The referee, both team managers & both team captains agreed that the track was to waterlogged to contemplate trying to race. That decision was taken at approximately 6.40 with the gates still closed, and to the best of my knowledge, no tickets sold. When I left the stadium just after 7.10 the rain had eased, and by the time I got to the hospital roundabout, you could see there hadn't been so much rain there. I stopped posting on this site a long time ago, due to the nonsense that the majority of people post on here, without really knowing the facts. But I took the decision to post this time so as to let people know there could be a problem, but I wasted my time by some, as I was evidently at Mildenhall. What a stupid comment to make.
  2. Mimmo

    Stars v Lions 1st July

    It's stopped now.
  3. Mimmo

    Stars v Lions 1st July

    If it's moving North it should clear soon, but if it isn't.....!!!
  4. Just looked at the radar and if it's moving North, it will pass through shortly. If it's coming from the North, it will be hello TV soon.
  5. Pouring at the stadium, can't even get out of the car at the moment.
  6. Mimmo

    Stars v Lions 1st July

    Hailstone storm here at the moment.
  7. Mimmo

    Witches v Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    The rain has reached Colchester area now Jason.
  8. Mimmo

    Witches v Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    I don't post on the forum anymore, in fact I don't even look at it. But I had something planned for today, and have been watching the 'Weather Radar, and 2-hours ago, the rain had crept into Kent from the South Coast, now it's reached Chelmsford, and looks to be heading your way. I hope for your sake it doesn't reach you, as it's a lovely day here in Norfolk, but the signs aren't looking good.
  9. Mimmo

    NDL Future

    It sadly looks that way. So where do all the youngsters that Neil Vatcher is guiding through the ranks go now? Kent almost certainly out too, and Mildenhall must be extremely doubtful too. Such a shame, as I love NDL racing.
  10. Mimmo

    New Club for 2024?

    I've suggest Brafield for weeks now on my FB postings, and it's not to far from Coventry.
  11. They certainly did 10-heats in.
  12. I think he new this last Thursday, hence his over the top waving to the people in the grandstand at the completion of his last race. He was saying goodbye.
  13. Am I right in thinking that it has to be the club promoter, and no one else, that requests helps from the BSPL, which would make sense. Peterborough don't have a promoter, as Carl Johnson walked away from the club, even though he's still named as promoter in the club programme. I also thought rightly or wrongly, that a club couldn't run a meeting(s) without a promoter. A promoter can't promote at two tracks in the same league, so that would rule Buster and Dale (Allitt) out, as they're both registered promoters at King's Lynn. So who actually is running the club?
  14. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2023

    I agree about Sam, he's of the same class as Josh Pickering was, and that's not a No 1.
  15. As far as I'm aware, but of course maybe wrong, but I don't think the BSPL get involved, unless a promoter asks them to.

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