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  1. Mimmo

    Ten quid speedway

    So are the Isle of Wight if allowed to be. I think £10 is the right price for NDL, To be honest, it's probably better value than if that's what you had to pay for the other two leagues.
  2. Thanks Neila, wasted my money on a programme....that's life!!
  3. Mimmo

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    Did Craig Cook and Paul Starke ride as guests, as there is no re-declared list on the British Speedway website?
  4. I don't understand all this stuff, are they showing it on either of their Eurosport Channels? I'm certainly not going to lay out more money to watch it on a mobile phone, we want to see it as a family.
  5. I want to sit and watch it on TV, and as I already have Eurosport available to me through that, I they now saying you've got pay yet more money to watch it through a different sourse, if so, they can stick it. We didn't have this problem with BT Sport.
  6. This weeks Speedway Star has advertised that you purchase the Guide.Programme for the European Championship from Curtis Sports. It goes on to say "Including Racecards to fill in as you watch at home on Eurosport". So I've bought the programme, checked the Eurosport 1 & Eurosport 2 listings for this evening, programme say 6,30pm start, but it doesn't appear to be on. Does anybody know why please?
  7. Mimmo

    Ipswich 2020

    So am I, despite his problems from time to time, he's still one of the better British riders based in this country. I was amazed and disappointed to see his departure from King's Lynn, although there might have been very good reasons for that. Although he's joined our rival club, I hope he does a very good job for Ipswich Speedway, and wish him nothing but the best going forward.
  8. Mimmo


    The BSPL should come out and give an open and HONEST explanation, because at the moment, it seems like victimisation for no reason. Riders aren't stopped from Grass Track Racing or for clubs and events overseas. For whatever reason, this sounds like a personal vendetta without hearing both sides of the story. Nobody on the IOW, whether it be management, sponsors or the public deserve to be treated like this, just because they have the balls to want to try something different. They depend to a large degree on the holiday trade, on an island that has almost zero entertainment for families in the evening, other than walking round Tesco that stays open until 10.00pm. Speedway has stood still for years now, and needs freshening up, and if something different from 15-races and the announcer saying goodnight, thanks for coming can be improved upon, then let them try. So many times these days, people have never heard of speedway, let alone seen it, and if they decide to check it out whilst on holiday (I know I would, as I did with a sport on Guernsey), and enjoy it, then when they return to their respective homes, they might just check out to see if there is a track near to where they live, and go along, and all clubs could do with those extra newcomers through their gates. So come on BSPL, ask for your toys back that you seem to have thrown out of your pram, and work with this promotion to see if their ideas are going to be for the betterment of the sport, and if it's not, then it will be their loss not yours. We've all been in lockdown for a long time now, and if this club want to offer us a different type of motorcycle event, with the main thing being speedway, then they should be applauded for trying to bring our well being back into some sort of normality.
  9. Masks weren't worn at Wolverhampton last night, so it seems clubs are making their own rules on that one.
  10. Mimmo

    Somerset Closure

    Such sad news, and I feel absolutely gutted for all the Somerset supporters.
  11. Mimmo

    berwick bandits 2021

    The website needs updating a bit George, it still says Kevin Doolan is captain!!
  12. Mimmo

    berwick bandits 2021

    Good to see that Kevin Doolan is still captain..............well that's what the website says
  13. Mimmo

    Ipswich 2020

    Has he arrived in the UK yet? I've read somewhere today, that neither him or Jordan Stewart are riding at King's Lynn on Monday, but don't know how true that is.
  14. Only stadium where that rule applies I think.

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