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  1. maybe simon had read fen tigers facebook page where someone said make sure they take him out and thought he would get in first
  2. yes i heard that if so ban them all what other sport lets thugs in it
  3. gaylestew

    Mildenhall Speedway

    i cant say il miss you ht now how many times did you hit my fingers while putting up the fence in 2009 , i think alot of the reason for crowds being down was the poor start to the season with off track events . i hope we can meet up again soon and ive send you a pm on mildenhall site
  4. gaylestew

    Mildenhall Speedway

    not yet but will be soon nice to ray online maybe he would like to tell us all
  5. gaylestew

    Mildenhall Speedway

    be nice if it was shared with the rest of us and not just f/b friends
  6. gaylestew

    Mildenhall Speedway

    what i was saying fentigers79 was i wish someone would post the truth here instead of us waiting day after day for the odd press release which by the time its printed its old new in mildenhall
  7. gaylestew

    Mildenhall Speedway

    i do understand that ray has suffered a great loss but the way he has ended his time with mildenhall speedway is a total disgrace . i just wish the truth could be posted on here
  8. gaylestew

    Mildenhall Speedway

    we have all been let down by one person and only one person lets no forget that
  9. just wondering what people think , about the riding order change and how it affects the number 6 in the teams , as away from home the number 6 has 2 rides against the top home rider the number 3 , this is sure to affect there average Mod Note ; please remember not to use text speak, post amended

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