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  1. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    Double of Zagar+4 & g laguta +4 pays just over 2/1 for me also liking the handicap tie of 16 in first meeting
  2. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    Thought today was a right off tbh after I went for Czestochowa in first meeting and backed gorzow inplay after ht2 then went 10down,thought here we go again but fair play to gorzow I was losing faith a bit but they've been 1st class
  3. Paddy The Rebel

    Redcar 2020

    Redcar defo play off team now think they gotta be considered favourites for the league every department is strong.
  4. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    I did like hampel over 7 start of meeting,and now looking at his first couple of meetings looks a rejuvenated rider passing riders, definitely one rider to keep an eye on regards h2h and points totals
  5. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    Think I just saw Nicki Pedersen get trumped for team riding by Greg laguta lol
  6. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    Great team riding from Pedersen there lol
  7. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    I know it's a tad risky but I've gone for Madsen over and exactly 12 he's quality at home,good luck if you're having a flutter
  8. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    He's in ht15 not ht14
  9. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Betting 2021

    Krakowiak +3 in play vs chugunov looks good value
  10. I know that just pointing it out that over a meeting that's what happens. My bad lol don't know why I did that !,if you can go for guarantees as team manager I guess you would so as you say sometimes bit unfair on others,seems weaker riders go at 1/9 or 3/11
  11. Looking at the heat format for away teams if you have your best 3 riders at 10,12&13 it's only heats 1&2 you have them not in. It's only Wroclaw that have seemed to do it at the moment I think.
  12. Paddy The Rebel

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Hans Andersen has already said that he's not doing championship this season in the speedway star.
  13. Paddy The Rebel

    Championship League Predictions

    A new league for Poole here goes,having a quick look at the teams I'm going for 1 Leicester-Such a strong top 5 can't see past them. 2.Eastbourne-A very experienced top 5 in this league only newer rider is Brennan and he is going to be a class rider and solid reserves. 3.Poole-Probably the best top 3 in league but question marks over cook and keleher,Hume and Nielsen all for very different reasons if Nielsen can get back to his sunny form and both Aussies can hit 5.00 averages then will be a test for Leicester and the budgies. 4.Redcar-very good top end middle order and reserves just need a good signing to fill last spot and should comfortably make play offs imo. 5.Glasgow- solid side with plenty of scoring power at top end and a decent reserve don't think itl be enough in the end though. 6.Edinburgh-very good heatleaders but not quite enough in the lower end of team. 7.Berwick-solid team again experienced at this level but will lack heat winners. 8.Scunthorpe- again a solid team but lacking heat winners away especially 9.Kent-not a great team in any department tbh a season of struggle. 10.Birmingham- lack heat winners apart from bomber,only saving grace is they probably have one of the better reserves in Castagna which could save them in some meetings. 11.Plymouth- As much as they have arguably the best top 2 in the league the rest of the team will struggle especially away with tracks they've never seen before. 12.Newcastle - just can't see much hope for them,all hinges on roynon and Wright kicking on to 6.00averages to give them a chance of getting up the table.
  14. Paddy The Rebel

    SGB Premiership Confirmed Teams 2021

    Yeah it is,it's 35.50 from what I've seen for top 6 and any rising star so Sheffield have a distinct advantage to start off with,where as Peterborough have a 1grade and on the back foot...
  15. Paddy The Rebel

    SGB Premiership Confirmed Teams 2021

    So why are every team building to same limit when there are different strength to using star riders?

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