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  1. Christine Hawes

    A Question of Sport

    Jason Crump
  2. Christine Hawes


    Freddie and David Goffin, Belgian tennis player. Tai and Milos Rounic, Canadian tennis player though Milos has'nt got all the tattoos!
  3. Christine Hawes

    2017 Grand Prix Venues

    Sitting in main grandstand, viewing at Teterow was lousy. Couldn't see gate 4 at the start and could only see half of bend 4 because of referee's box! Access to track from where coach dropped us off was via an uneven field. Luckily I had a small torch with me but it wasn't very pleasant returning to the coach after the meeting. Definitely wouldn't go back there.
  4. Christine Hawes

    Rhys Loram

    My condolences to Mark and his family. Having been in exactly the same position 12 years ago when my 17 year old son was killed in a hit and run, we know just what his family are going through at present. I hope they catch the b****** soon, Mark and that you get some sort of justice. Our thoughts are with you all.
  5. Christine Hawes

    Sam Martin Wins Gillman Solo Title

    Well done Sam - hope it won't be too long before you come back over here. Have a great birthday next week. Chris & Debbi
  6. Christine Hawes

    Help! Hotels For Cardiff 2010

    You could always try the University. Won't get twin rooms, but we had single rooms there, board only, for £25 each last year. There were kitchen facilities if you wanted to get yourself some breakfast.
  7. Tai wearing the t-shirt is no different to Leigh's Polish mechanic wearing an Aussie shirt. Anybody questioning his loyalties?
  8. Christine Hawes

    Eastbourne 'credit Crunch'

    It penalises those people who for one reason or another are not able to stand for long periods of time. Due to a medical problem I can't stand for long and usually take a seat or stool with me but at tracks where there is a seated area don't bother to take them. I can see I'll have to take them with me to each track in future.
  9. Christine Hawes

    Silly Season...

    And of course Long Eaton and Nigel D'eath were in an episode of Boon many years ago!
  10. Christine Hawes

    Gelsenkirken Refunds

    Not so easy as most tracks aren't owned by speedway promoters and have to rely on landlords letting them rent the track on certain nights.
  11. Christine Hawes

    Gelsenkirken Refunds

    Well done Travel Plus. My ticket refund was on the doormat when I got home last night - sent from their company funds rather than them waiting for BSI to compensate them. I feel sorry for James and the possible repercussions on his company over the inept actions of BSI. Chris Edited to correct error - apologies to BMI!!
  12. Christine Hawes

    Gelsenkirchen Off !

    Thinking about some protest banner which I could hang on the fence at the backstraight on Saturday, among all those flags. Just to release my anger a bit. It will probably end up as an argument with a few specnaz looking security guys but I may prepare something. I remember a banner at the World Team Cup at Peterborough a few years back - "Great sport - shame about the monkeys that run it". I agree with their sentiments entirely. Within two heats those responsible for the banner had been evicted from the stadium. Like others, I was in Koblenz when we got the news. Unbelievable considering we hadn't had any rain since Tuesday when we arrived in Germany. The more we hear about it - no programmes, no scheduled repeats - the more I smell a rat!
  13. Christine Hawes

    A Race Against Time

    According to Sky last night that was considered but they couldn't get the necessary authorisation in time.
  14. Know what you mean about wearing half of the track. We took my brother to Lol's benefit meeting there [my brother's one and only speedway meeting]. When they watered the track, Johno showered us with wet shale. Johno did offer to wash our clothes for us but we passed on that!! Chri
  15. We started going when Spencer Timmo became our neighbour back in 1988. Missed a few years in the 90's but have been regulars since 2000.

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