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  1. superguest

    Race for the top 4

    I think at this time of season you have to be ready to race against anyone. Suspect we (Wolves) may fancy Poole over Swindon in the semi but we will get who we get! Should be quite interesting to see how it pans out!
  2. When are the 2nd legs being raced? Is it Vetlanda vs Smederna & Lejonen Vs Dackarna?
  3. superguest

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    As an Wolves fan. I agree. The rest of the team seem quite young and hungry. Cant help but think the Birmingham promotion are taking the step up very cautiously though. Ulrich is probably a lot cheaper than Ellis.
  4. superguest

    Wolves 2019

    Might need Scott to cover Nick if hes also injured.
  5. superguest

    Wolves 2019

    Lies? Please can you elaborate.
  6. superguest

    Wolves 2019

    Nice solid looking team and plenty of entertainment! What I like most is that Ashley will be at no.6 all season and Luke will be given a good run at reserve before possibly no.2 if he does well. Settled 1-7. Be interesting to see how we pair the 1-5 up. Schlein and JT ride very well together. Will they go down that route?
  7. superguest

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Fairly solid team and lots of entertainers in this line up.
  8. superguest

    Assets and rider poaching

    Swindon fans have a short memory. Tobi Musieak rode for Wolves in 2016 and produced an average of around 4.5. Who benefited from that low average in 2017? Now, I can see why you would be frustrated as he has an attractive average but he's about 23 or 24? Plenty of time to reap the rewards. It may well be his break through year and you could either benefit from having a rider worth selling or he could come back a happier and improved rider. Time will tell!
  9. superguest

    Wolves 2019

    Strong 1-5 and potential at reserve. If that's the top 5 I think most Wolves fans will thrilled! Schlein / A Morris or Wells / 5pter Would be happy with either, leaning more towards Schlein as he is a good team man who can be a real match winner on his day.
  10. superguest

    Wolves 2019

    Agree about Nick. Can't see him leaving Swindon. Richard Lawson could be a good option if we decide to build more solid.
  11. superguest

    Wolves 2019

    Will Luke and Kyle be at 6 & 7? The only issue with this is we would lose Ashley Morris who could easily put a point on his average at no.7. Definitely not weak at reserve in 2019 whichever way we go. Just got to make sure the others are all on the upward curve too.
  12. superguest

    Wolverhampton v Poole Prem B. 28/5/18

    He's only a young rider and looks very stylish and is not scared to chase riders. If there's a concern for Poole riders - its not with Kurtz!
  13. superguest

    Wolverhampton v Poole Prem B. 28/5/18

    I was talking to the Poole fan in question. She said someone came from the bar and pushed them from behind. The Poole fans were stood behind the metal fence (oppo startline) and had been making a lot of noise including booing their Scramble man all night Not sure if the incident was reported to the security or management.
  14. superguest

    Wolves v Somerset 14th May

    Maybe the Morris factor? Good meeting, Heeps really rode hard. Rooboy yet again superb. Doyley providing lots of entertainment. Only downside was the track being so dusty, we arent used to this hot weather lol
  15. Nicki has not had an easy time of it for a few years now. Shame as his form so far in 2018 has been impressive!

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