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  1. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2021

    Confirmed today as Pardubice (may 22).
  2. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2021

    The Challenge in Krsko will be moved to a different venue, or cancelled. The third Final in Gdansk is now TBA according to FIM Europe.
  3. DutchGrasstrack

    World U21 Championship 2021

    FIM didn’t mention anything about moving the Manchester round to a different venue. Riga round moved to Daugavpils due technical reasons.
  4. DutchGrasstrack

    World U21 Championship 2021

    Manchester qualifier is cancelled. New qualifiers: 12.06 - Quali 1 - Daugavpils 12.06 - Quali 2 - Gustrow
  5. DutchGrasstrack

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Nagyhalasz will stage the first quali.
  6. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2021

    Didn't agree on money terms.
  7. DutchGrasstrack

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Hopefully the borders will be open by then
  8. DutchGrasstrack

    2021 GP Series Dates

    I realy doubt Togliatti.
  9. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2021

    Press release: https://www.fim-europe.com/nicki-pedersen-becomes-permanent-participant-of-sec-2021/
  10. DutchGrasstrack

    2021 GP Series Dates

    New dates for the qualifiers: 19 June - TBC - Qualifying Round - TBC - TBC 19 June - ACU - Qualifying Round - Glasgow - Scotland 19 June - FMI - Qualifying Round - Terenzano - Italy 19 June - HMS - Qualifying Round - Goričan - Croatia 21 August - SMF - Challenge - Žarnovica - Slovakia
  11. Cancelled, new date TBA.
  12. DutchGrasstrack

    2021 GP Series Dates

    " Due to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 in Germany, the FIM, BSI, DMSB and the local venue have decided to cancel the 2021 German FIM Speedway Grand Prix scheduled to take place at Bergring Arena on May 22, 2021. The decision has been made with the health and safety of our riders, staff and fans in mind. “We are disappointed to have to cancel the German SGP due to the Covid-19 pandemic, making it impossible to run this event as we would have hoped. However, we are still committed to running 11 events in our 2021 season” said Paul Bellamy, Senior Vice President of Motorsports Events at IMG. “We will be announcing more events and dates in the days to come, and thank our fans for their patience while we navigate these unpredictable times.” If you have purchased a ticket to 2021 German FIM Speedway Grand Prix or have a ticket which rolled over from the 2020 event, an email will be sent to you shortly detailing how your refund will be issued. "
  13. DutchGrasstrack

    Danish world and euro q Esbjerg 14.04

    1. Mads Hansen 2. Frederik Jakobsen 3. Mikkel Michelsen 4. Kenneth Bjerre 5. Rasmus Jensen 6. Jonas Seifert 7. Jonas Jeppesen 8. Marcus Birkemose 9. Rene Bach 10. Jason Jørgensen 11. Andreas Lyager 12. Peter Kildemand 13. Hans Andersen 14. Patrick Hansen 15. Nicolai Klindt 16. Kenneth Kruse Hansen
  14. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2021

    All qualifiers are now cancelled.
  15. Grigory Laguta is the next one.

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