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  1. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    I don't believe so. They were at the track the other evening testing the tapes/lights etc
  2. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    Ironically the person who said it, called someone else clueless. I expect nothing less from him though, it's a normal little dig that occurs every so often
  3. adz_mft

    Confirmed Signings for 2021

    Jason Edwards and Sam Hagon complete Mildenhall
  4. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    Bit harsh on Bebee. He's been so unlucky with injuries but has definitely improved
  5. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    Press release from Mildenhall Speedway - Malcom Vasey reveals the final pieces in our jigsaw 2021 Fen Tigers are complete Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchett's Rescue and Recovery are very pleased to reveal the two riders that complete the make-up of the team for 2021. One is probably easily anticipated by supporters the second would be perhaps harder to guess but at the Club it is felt that they have made an outstanding capture that is totally consistent with the commitment to the success of the challenging new speedway system that we find ourselves in for 2021. It will be no surprise to many that Jason Edwards will back at West Row for the forthcoming campaign. Jason came to Mildenhall for the 2019 season and brought with him a level of professionalism rarely seen in such a young rider. He will be 19 this year and his organisation and back up in all respects is superb from his machinery to his smart kevlars and his pre-match preparations. Nothing is left to chance and his personality and pride match the efforts of himself, his family and his support team that bring him to the tapes with everything in place. Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said "Jason is the consummate professional and a fantastic asset to any team at this level and there are very clear signs of his ability to reach the top in speedway. He is also a very genuine and remarkably mature rider for his age and it is an absolute pleasure to have him racing for our Club. Jason is on a Speedway journey and it is difficult to predict where that will end, his tree is taking root and may yet become the tallest in the forest. He is an "Essex Boy" with a difference and it is fantastic that he rides for Mildenhall" added Vasey. "Jason has secured a place at Eastbourne in the Championship a sure sign of the potential we have in our midst at West Row. He is so enthusiastic and eager for the season to start and is ready to take on the new challenges that face him. He is keeping himself fit and I feel his effervescence will be plain for all to see." The Club are very grateful to Eastbourne Speedway for allowing us to enjoy his services in 2021. Our final rider will have kept you guessing until the end and in fact he is an amazing inclusion in our side that reflects all that we are setting out to do with support from you all. We are proud to name Sam Hagon, the 2019 British Youth 250cc Speedway Champion who also competed in the 2019 250cc World and European Championships. Sam's speedway pedigree is superb his Grandfather, Alf Hagon, having ridden for Harringay, Wimbledon, Leicester and Oxford in the fifties and sixties. His Dad, Martin's speedway career took him to Hackney, Rye House, Sheffield and Ipswich and he was also a top long track rider finishing fourth in the World Longtrack Championship of 1987 and also winning the European Grasstrack Championship in 1984 complementing his British Masters Grasstrack Championship wins in 1984 and 1987. With this rich heritage Sam has already shown the ability to follow in these illustrious footsteps and we are delighted that he has chosen to do so at Mildenhall in 2021. We feel that this is an important capture for us and once he has settled in we look forward to watching the progressive development of this young sixteen year old racer. Sam himself is very keen to do well at Mildenhall and is the final name in what we feel will be an exciting band of youngsters thus fulfilling both our twin intentions to entertain our supporters and contribute to the new wave of British rider development in Speedway. Sam Hagon has already graduated to 500 cc machinery and has been frustrated by the pandemic at this very important time in his speedway career. He has raced at Mildenhall and is looking forward to return this time as a home rider. One aspect of the hiatus in his career has enabled the broken collarbone he sustained before the sport's lockdown has fully healed and this youngster is ready to follow family tradition and make progress in the sport. Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said " I was impressed from my recent chat with Sam who is a good friend of Jason Edwards and I am certain that he and his team will fit in very well at West Row. He is counting the days to when we hope to re-start racing and now wishes to make up for lost time in his speedway career. I look forward to having this young man ride for Mildenhall in the new season" added Vasey
  6. adz_mft

    Confirmed Signings for 2021

    Sam Bebee, Elliot Kelly and Arran Butcher confirmed at Mildenhall
  7. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    From Mildenhall Speedway - Malcolm Vasey is back to reveal three more of the 2021 Mildenhall Fen Tigers - Five named, two to go .... Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery are delighted to announce the names and details of three more riders who will represent the Club during the 2021 season. These are all riders have that worn the Fen Tigers colours previously and we are quite certain that our supporters will welcome them back to West Row. I think that before naming the riders I should once again be emphasise that although the Management of the Club would have liked to track the team announced for 2020, this is not being possible due to the BSPL policy to reduce the points limit to 35 for 2021. The Club fully supports the intentions of the BSPL in this regard which revolve around the acceleration of the development of more young British riders and the points limit reduction is one of the parameters to enable this to happen. Whilst this has always been a desirable process the pandemic and consequential travel restrictions and the actions of other Speedway National Associations have increased the need to focus on the development of British riders. To fail to take such actions could seriously threaten the ability to staff adequately teams to enable our League system to function as we would all wish. Sam Bebee will return to West Row and we hope that given some better luck he will realise his full abilities and make the impact in British Speedway that his courage and exciting skills deserve. Sam has suffered enough career threatening injuries that would have caused most men to give up but his determination to return and to be successful for Mildenhall are absolute and this very popular rider is once again ready to be the rider he deserves to be. Team Manager, Malcolm Vasey, had this to say about Sam Bebee. "We are all aware of the extreme bad luck that has so far decimated any chance Sam has had of a worthwhile career in the sport he loves and for the team he also loves. He has first class equipment and returns to the side fully focussed and more determined than ever to put the past behind him and make a success in Speedway. His commitment is absolutely total and I am delighted to have him back in our ranks. It was no surprise for me to learn from Sam that his equipment is ready to go fully serviced and upgraded and his spirit is high in anticipation of at last competing again." added Vasey. Another rider returning to Mildenhall is the North Yorkshire based Elliot Kelly, so popular amongst our supporters and another rider with amazing devotion to speedway and determined to build on his very promising first year at West Row, Recently turned 17, Elliot is one of the most promising young riders in the country and Mildenhall are very fortunate to retain his services. His first season at Mildenhall as a raw 15 year old brought considerable development in his speedway racing skills which will be enhanced by his physical development as he grows older and he is a prized asset for the Fen Tigers team. Malcolm Vasey summed it up "Elliot loves it here at West Row and when you add that to his enormous desire to make it in the sport we are privileged to be able to use his outstanding commitment to both sport and the Club and 2021 will be a big year for him. He is an incredibly charming young man so popular on the terraces modest yet courageous he ticks so many boxes his inclusion in our team would be impossible to resist. He is also now an asset of Kings Lynn Speedway and we look forward to working with them to escalate the career of this young enthusiast. Elliot has vastly improved his equipment and Kelly's eye is firmly focussed on the next steps. The Fen Tigers will benefit from that no doubt especially when he takes them wide (private joke between Elliot and I)" Last but by no means least in our list of riders for today and also returning to us is Midlands based Arran Butcher. Arran rode for the Fen Tigers in 2019 completing his season with a great score at Plymouth as we chased a place in the Play-Offs. A quiet unassuming young man Arran is an all round motor cyclist and is desperately keen to push on with his speedway career. Arran supplied some good performances for Mildenhall in 2019 and our hope is that he will move forward in his speedway development having demonstrated clearly that he is well capable of enhancing his racing skills. Malcolm Vasey had this to say about Arran's forthcoming third spell under his jurisdiction. " I am very pleased to welcome this quiet and likeable young man back to Mildenhall. He rode for me briefly at Stoke in 2018 showing improvement match by match and did much the same at Mildenhall in 2019 joining us after we were struck by injuries. Arran feels that this is a huge year for him and if he moves forward with his speedway skill set Mildenhall will be huge beneficiaries. An all round motor cyclist with experience on grass, and moto-cross I am sure that he has the ability to achieve his and our aspirations for him."
  8. adz_mft

    Confirmed Signings for 2021

    Luke Ruddick and Jordan Jenkins to Mildenhall
  9. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    Press Release from Mildenhall Speedway FEN TIGERS BEGIN TO UNVEIL TEAM FOR 2021 The Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery have started to unveil their team for the new British Speedway season which looks likely to return during May after the speedway drought since 2019 due to the pandemic. Bold new plans are in place throughout the sport to develop British riders and the Club have embraced fully the ambitions of Speedway Great Britain in their efforts to energise and remodel the sport to meet the needs of 2021 and the future. Familiar faces will return to West Row next season with the announcement that Luke Ruddick and Jordan Jenkins will return to the Club as part of a balanced septet to match the requirements imposed by a 35 point limit for National Development League Clubs. Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said "This has become the opportunity for something of a renaissance for the sport in this country and I am convinced that for us not only will it promote the development of young riders but also provide very exciting racing at Mildenhall, particularly with the team that we have assembled. We have had to prune our intentions to match the revised points limit concentrating on exciting prospects combined with a level of stability that should ensure that we are successful. In addition to the League programme which is necessarily curtailed because of the late start to the season the Club have been assured that the SGB will help us to stage other exciting events that will guarantee interesting fixtures throughout the shortened campaign and we will release details of these events as soon as possible". These could include such events as the League Riders' Championship, Four Team Tournament and other late competition rounds arrangements for which need to be finalised. Former Mildenhall rider Luke Ruddick returns to the Club where his career began with great enthusiasm for the season that lies ahead. Malcolm Vasey described him as a rider with the blue touch paper alight and the show about to begin. Vasey said "I tried to get Luke into my team when I was at Stoke but Leicester beat me to it. Luke is a rider who can gate very well but is never afraid of an all out attack if he has to come from the back, I feel sure that Luke will develop further in 2021 and push his average up in the Fen Tigers cause. He lives locally and that is always helpful minimising his travel. Like myself Luke is a native of Northumberland and has a high level of steel in his racing. I am convinced that Luke's career will burgeon this season and I am so pleased that this will be as a Fen Tiger. I spoke to him yesterday and his enthusiasm runs very high" Luke Ruddick enjoyed success at both Coventry and Leicester since his departure from the Fens and it is hoped that he can help Mildenhall to win honours in 2021. He is a great capture who feels he still has a Speedway point to prove and will be a mainstay in 2021. A rider that Malcolm Vasey is also pleased to see on his team sheet for the new season is another former Fen Tiger in the shape of 19 year old Jordan Jenkins. He also lives nearby and will also ride for Redcar in the Championship where he is highly regarded. Jordan came onto the scene at Mildenhall in 2016 and having had many rides at the track looked set for success at the Club and beyond. He has however had to endure quite serious injuries during his relatively short career which have unsurprisingly retarded his progress but his enthusiasm for the sport is high and he is ready to make strident advances in his speedway career having spent 2019 at Kent and Redcar. Vasey regards Jordan Jenkins as very high in potential saying "He has fought his way through injuries and has come back with reinforced determination. His attitude to the sport and direction are very clear and I think he sees this as his coming of age in the sport with an opportunity to fulfil his career ambitions. I look forward to his presence back where he belongs and with his courage and determination running high I feel sure that he will fulfil his role as a heat leader." Looking at the prospects for the Club in what is effectively a different environment Vasey said "I am very proud of the approach taken by the Club to the new and exciting situation that faces us. It is obvious that there is recognition of the importance of our League to develop exciting new riders in an interesting mix with riders who have gained some experience. I will be introducing one or two surprises in the next few days so keep your eyes open for them. Unveiling our team is a real pleasure the future is exciting for us as we want to rebuild this Club and there are opportunities ahead to do this in what is something of a brave new world. We want our loyal supporters to help with this and having known the Mildenhall support which is where I started my speedway career I am sure that our supporters will get behind us just as they have over the years. We anticipate changes ahead to further develop the relationship between Club and Supporters and I have used a capital letter S for what is the most important element of any Club. Let's go for it, Riders, Fans and Management alike, be fearless and resolute in support and understand our new situation. It would be so easy to say the new scheme of things is unacceptable and close down as others have. The owners of our Club have concluded that is not the way for our Mildenhall Fen Tigers. I back them to the hilt myself and hope that you will do the same. Bring your friends to West Row let's live the dream together. Other teams have fallen by the wayside and we cannot allow that to happen here at Mildenhall. Tigers roar, please come back in numbers and show us," was Vasey's message to Fen Tigers supporters.
  10. adz_mft

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Would someone be able to send me a link to download the game. I would love to get back playing it. Thanks in advance
  11. adz_mft

    Rye House 2020

    Rye has always been a Saturday track to me. Certain days work best for certain clubs and this is 1 of those situations. Countless times we've been wondering what to do on a Saturday, then checked the fixtures and drove an hour to catch a meeting. Would imagine I'm not the only 1 who's done this. I didn't catch 1 Rye meeting once they changed race nights!! Clubs rely on a hardcore fan base and "floating" fans to survive. Mildenhall for example are in a similar situation with people wanting something to do on a Sunday afternoon and we get fans from other local tracks visiting.
  12. adz_mft

    Rye House 2020

    Disaster in trying to get a team going again and to provide spots for the riders without a team? Like him or not he kept Mildenhall alive. If he can do the same with Rye then happy days.
  13. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    From Mildenhall Speedway - The Mildenhall Fen Tigers, proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery, are pleased to announce their seventh and final signing for 2020. The only rider in the side not to have ridden previously for the Fen Tigers, it is a very warm welcome to the highly talented and very promising fifteen year old NATHAN ABLITT. The Battle based starlet has come through the junior ranks of the sport becoming the British 150cc Champion in 2016, before claiming the 250cc title in 2018. His debut season in the National League saw him win the National Trophy with the Kent Kings before injury bought his season to an early end. Much sought after, Nathan’s signing gives the Fen Tigers the balance from one to seven they were after and it is hoped he will form a formidable partnership at reserve with Elliot Kelly. Ablitt spoke of his hopes for 2020 with Mildenhall – he said – “I am very excited to be joining the Fen Tigers and although the new boy I have been friends with Jason Edwards for many years and look forward to riding with him and the rest of the team. I am well prepared and fully fit for the coming season and feel we can have a good year at Mildenhall, the management team seem very supportive and I have only heard good things about the club. Hopefully we can challenge for all the available trophies. I will be at the practice days looking to get dialled into my new home track so when the season start’s I can hit the ground running. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in the New Year and wish all the supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”
  14. adz_mft

    Confirmed Signings for 2020

    Matt Marson to Mildenhall
  15. adz_mft

    Mildenhall 2021

    From Mildenhall Speedway - The Mildenhall Fen Tigers, proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery, are pleased to announce their sixth signing for 2020, and it is a return for a third season for the improving MATT MARSON. Matt answered the Fen Tigers management call for help following the unfortunate injury to Sam Bebee early in the 2019 season and although arriving late put in some fine performances for the Fen Tigers and finished the season increasing his average to 5.48. There was no doubt that his performances improved as the season progressed and with a full winter of racing back home in Australia the Mildenhall management are convinced that 2020 will be Matt’s real breakthrough season. Nineteen year old Marson was pleased to be returning ‘home’ to Mildenhall – he said – “I’m very pleased to be returning back with Mildenhall and thankful for the management for giving me this opportunity, I feel like I was really getting started towards the end of last season and with the riding and training I’m doing here hopefully I can keep building on that. Everyone at Mildenhall is great and very supportive, so I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again. The team this year is looking good and strong. I’m looking forward to meeting all the boys and kick start the season and aim towards some trophies as well as put some points on my average and continue to progress. I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year and wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

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