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  1. tweedcider

    Mildenhall 2021

    Scottish by birth Dick, but raised 3 doors away from the famous Grove Hotel in Tweedmouth, oft visited watering hole for Bandits riders, and fans in the 60s and 70s.
  2. tweedcider

    Glasgow 2020

    What would it cost cost for a pass? if say 1000 attend a meeting, maybe half of those have access to a streaming service. So whereas 1000 at £15 equals £15000, would 500 people pay £30 to produce the same revenue? Also loss of profit from Programmes, Bars, Catering. I think the Tigers have called correctly.
  3. tweedcider

    bandits 2020

    250 is based on all Season Ticket holders being there, and includes pensioners paying a lower rate, and like the speedway “helpers who get in for nothing”
  4. tweedcider

    bandits 2020

    Work to start on the streamlined pitch this week, so hope the weather is kind. There is a realisation in the Football camp that they need the Speedway to survive for both sports to survive. Pleasingly Courtney junior has the sense to see this too, shame the butcher didn’t.
  5. tweedcider

    bandits 2020

    Delighted to see the Speedway liking Brian Porteous returning as new Berwick Rangers Chairman.
  6. tweedcider

    berwick bandits 2019

    Great to see so much publicity for our beloved sport in the local press and social media over the close season. Little wonder that there is so much enthusiasm for the coming term.
  7. tweedcider

    berwick bandits 2019

    Great, no need to leave the house in a Saturday night now. Can get updates without having to leave the warmth, and save £15 in to the bargain
  8. tweedcider

    berwick bandits 2019

    Revisiting the watch mans previous comments, I wonder how many Comets fans would now be happier to have the option to pay £20 for an evenings racing?
  9. tweedcider

    berwick bandits 2019

    Would certainly be good to see our Promoter from the affluent south ploughing in some of the proceeds from his other successful motorsport business, to help keep our beloved sport alive. Reassuring news Crescent Girl
  10. tweedcider


    1968, Season finished in August, but hadn't started till May - We've really came a long way when we are turning out in the cold, dark nights at the start of the season, then sitting at home in the warmth of August. For a forward looking promotion, with a commitment to youth, I can't understand why we now have no Stars of Tomorrow meeting.
  11. tweedcider


    We have a promotion taking a full price admittance, so is it unfair to expect a full time commitment like Peter used to make to the club and it’s supporters? As he said on his interview on Facebook, nobody has done more laps of the track than him. Or were they “special times”?
  12. When you haven’t got £15 spare (which is the case for many teenagers), there are many more pressing or tempting things to attract your cash. 20 cigarettes to last a week, and a few bus fares, or walk to work all week and not smoke, for 16 minutes of ‘excitement ‘ on a Saturday night?
  13. Yes, and the Hen and Chickens. I think Prior to the birth of Bedrocks. And a history before that too, He can run a business
  14. A lot stop coming at 16 - there are a lot of other attractions that don’t carry a £15 price tag
  15. Moved on to bigger and better things away from Berwick - There IS life over Sunnyside it seems!

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