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  1. enotian

    Football 2020/21

    Just to play devils advocate here (since nobody in the actual media is prepared to) what if the big six merit their exclusive place based on their brand value and commercial pull? Yes it's not sport but it ceased being a sport in the purest sense in the early 90's. The wealth of any EPL club is largely dependant on worldwide appeal and associated TV rights and sponsorships. How many English companies appear on shirts? And that appeal is, with all due respect, not because Burnley might win it. It's because the foreign audiences love the Man Utd etc brand and big name players. They don't care that Spurs have won fewer titles than the League One team I support. Rid yourselves of the big six and watch that revenue disappear. The demise of the proposal will be lauded as a victory over the commercialisation of the game by those who will then buy a new replica shirt, pay a fortune for a season ticket and Sky subscription. And what will we be left with. A Premier League that only six teams can win (Leicester was a miracle) and will never be relegated, even if they make terrible football decisions, and a Champions League that mostly those six will share entry to anyway which will now have even more meaningless lower standard matches for us to enjoy. Whilst I'd love the sport to return back to a more even playing field where smaller teams can prosper on sporting merit that ship sailed away over 1/4 of a century ago.
  2. enotian

    Redcar 2020

    Perhaps they should be offered a refund if the product wasn't up to standard..... .....how much did people pay to access the stream??? Honestly, some people. Well done for making the meeting available online.
  3. enotian

    Football 2020/21

    too much jeopardy there for a big business. the curtain has been pulled the wizard of oz (UEFA) has been exposed as a bloke who just pulls the odd leaver but has no power. those with the money have the power. have had for the last 25 years. There's only outrage now because they've been open about it but they've been running the show for years. The financial fair play was like the boy with his finger in the dyke. the worldwide audience wants the biggest names playing for the biggest teams against other star players and big brand teams. They don't care about variety and fairness of qualification. No doubt UEFA will retain the Champions League brand and competition. The next 4 highest English teams outside of the big six will be in it with teams from all 54 leagues. No doubt those teams will become more wealthy than the rest of the Premier League teams but not to the same degree as the Champions League attracts lower income without the big name teams. It effectively becomes the speedway European championship compared to SGP. If you're a football fan and a fan of good football the ESL is where you'll find it. All the best players playing the best brand of football. What's not to like. Fairness and a genuine competion open to all you say.... ....when was the last time that existed?
  4. enotian

    Football 2020/21

    You've heard managers whinning about too many games. Not the owners. Of course they want to play in domestic competition. They want all of the income streams and don't want to share them. They are businesses. They exist to make more and more money. They're only proposing this because they think there is demand for it. Maybe domestic and European supporters won't watch, then maybe they'll move the match times to primetime in Asia. The power was handed over long ago. These brands/clubs will do as they wish. All the TV money and sponsorship is attracted by them. It's sinister but the horse bolted long ago.
  5. enotian

    Football 2020/21

    Lovely how Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have been appointed to speak for all football fans!!!! Last I heard one of them was spitting on them. I wonder if Sky have endorsed their vitriole having missed out on Champions League rights and fear missing out on ESL rights. Gary Neville inciting fans to protest during a pandemic for something as trivial as this is at best misjudged. Don't all the fans hate the Champions League anyway? You're right the time to protest was in the early 90's. That's when the rot started and the playing field has been less level ever since. I laughed at the indignation that teams wouldn't be able to qualify on merit... ...like they do now?? I reckon in the last 20+ seasons only Leicester and Everton have broke the top six stranglehold and the Toffees didn't even get to the group stages. Then Carragher says who wants to see Liverpool vs Real Madrid every season? Hows that any different from wanting to see Liverpool vs Manchester United every season? Appreciate that these ex footballers aren't the sharpest mentally but surely their so called journalist colleagues should be providing some balance. Then talking about ignoring the history of the clubs!!! If you believe Sky (and all the rest) football didn't exist before 1994. I reckon if you asked them if they'd be happy if all clubs were restricted to spending only to the value of their gate receipts and the TV money was split equally between all clubs they'd soon shift from their self appointed fans champions. All the new ESL proposal does is get rid of rubbish Champions League group matches and make the rich clubs even richer. Not great but that ship sailed a long time ago
  6. enotian

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Sorry 'Skunny' thread but when/why did assessed averages for new foreign riders get reduced? I'm sure Nicki/Bjarne Pedersen and Kenneth Bjerre can in on 9 or at least 8 assessed so they had to have a certain pedigree to be given a chance. It got reduced to 7 when the Diamonds went for Rune Knudsen which obviously didn't pay off but it's now 4??? If you're in the game of collecting rider assets you'd probably always go for a new foreigner on a 4. Whack it back up to at least 7 and, importantly, don't let their average ever fall below the assessed level. Just to bring it back to 'Skunny' they'd not be under the points limit if Aarnio and Piper had assessed 7 averages
  7. enotian

    Poole Pirates 2020

    classic but you might want to brush up on your ladies topiary
  8. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    It was THJ's comparison between Newcastle United and Glasgow Tigers to which I referred. So justified praise aimed correctly in his direction.
  9. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    with regard to a rider they'd shown the door to!!!! If they're that bothered about Vissing making a crust I'm sure they'll pay him for this season even though they decided not to have him in their team.
  10. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    The trouble is that it's sport. It's meant to be competitive. So the competitors (clubs and riders) will do what they need to get a competitive advantage. So if rider x has a full time mechanic and is doing well, rider y will want one. Speedway has amplified this problem by requiring a set number of riders up to a set standard (via the points limit) which usually results in their being more demand than supply. Especially for top riders in a heat format and team structure that requires two top men to be successful (i.e. they get an extra heat). Added to the fact that there isn't an inexhaustable supply of new riders entering the rider ranks because it's an expensive sport to enter into. So you can see where the bargaining power is.
  11. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    yes good analogy from THJ. Spent loads won nowt.
  12. fair point. as it stands I wouldn't be able to attend as I've not been offered a vaccine. but it would mean I couldn't take my father who has had his. but I was talking more generally. I'm sure pub owners will be delighted to open their establishment just for the vaccinated whilst the young people who spend more money are barred. Who is going to pay these businesses the resulting shortfall? Starting to feel like some kind of Black Mirror dystopian society in which you only get access to recreation depending upon how much tax you've paid in your lifetime.
  13. so not only do you have to have had a vaccine but you also need a smartphone!!! incredible really but I'm not informed enough to comment with authority. i wouldn't have thought having had a vaccine makes a person less likely to transmit the virus, they are just (hopefully) immune to becoming ill from it. so if the unvaccinated public are now those less likely to become ill from it anyway what difference does it make? I'm not sure who we're protecting now??? sounds like the young people in this country are being handed a rough deal. they're the one's who've put their lives on hold to protect the elderly and NHS, they're the ones who'll have to pay for all this (in one way or another). imagine if the strategy a year ago had been only the old and vulnerable had to be isolated, for their own safety. not sure exclusion of a section of the community would have been viewed acceptable then.
  14. enotian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    why's that? two already do, two previously have and two are improving. in a weakened league. granted they'll probably not take any points off the opposition top two but that's not much different from 2019. I'd accept being optimistic but with some justification.
  15. how would it be enforced?? I can't see your standard Speedway promotion having access to a government vaccine passport database. alternatively are they going to insist on airport customs style checks to get into stadiums??? causing queues which are no doubt not distanced. Imagine you've bought your ticket in advance then forget your passport (or don't have one) who turns you away? Do you get a refund? Or do they just let you in.

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