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  1. Badge

    Song Title Game

    I love you love me love - Gary glitter
  2. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    Filled up with
  3. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    Flies, because nobody
  4. No sh it sherlock https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1471539/Meghan-Markle-news-Prince-Harry-wife-superstar-Megxit-Duchess-Sussex-latest-vn Watch out hazza, you've got her the infamy, you might soon be surplus to requirements quicker than we all thought. Also made me chuckle, she's got oprah's party planner arranging her 40th tomorrow for 65 friends and family, that'll be Doria then, all the rest consigned to the "don't need you now " heap.
  5. Badge

    Song Title Game

    White wedding - Billy idol
  6. Badge

    The Three Word Game

    With the cheeseboard
  7. It's a feckin wormer, dear God. Ivermectin https://g.co/kgs/bw2rbw
  8. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Strange kind of woman - deep purple
  9. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Lovely lady of arcadia - demis roussos
  10. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Bits and pieces - Dave Clark 5
  11. Badge

    Song Title Game

    Why do fools fall in love - teenagers

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